Alpine 9510

Manufactured by Fujitsu and has a Fujitsu-type NAM, programmable with a Curtis or Bytek device.
Not handset programmable.
666 channels.
Enabled: MIN opt., Reperatory, Local Use, End-to-End, Horn Alert.
Lock code contained in NAM.
Active Horn ALert with F + #(AUX).
System Select: F + 1 + (1 = AB, 2=BA, 3=A, 4=B, 5=Home).

                              ALPINE 9510

                  NAM Type:  EEPROM
              Manufacturer:  Fujitsu
                Programmer:  Curtis or Bytek
            ESN Prefix DEC:  150
                       HEX:  96
   ESN, S/N Match Required:  YES
      Programmable Handset:  No
        Available Channels:  666

       Phone Number Format:  XXX-XXX-XXXX
          Lock Code Format:  XXX

                MIN Option:  Enabled
          Repertory Option:  Enabled
          Handsfree Option:  Enabled or Disabled
          Local Use Option:  Enabled
     End-to-End Signalling:  Enabled
         Horn Alert Option:  Enabled
          System ID Format:  XXXXX
         Preferred Systems:  A or B
     Access Overload Class:  XX
           Group ID Format:  XX

    Initial Paging Channel:  333 or 334
             Station Class:  00

                Horn Alert:  F + #(Aux)
           New Unlock Code:  NAM
             System Select:  F + 1 + X
                               X=1  (A then B)
                               X=2  (B then A)
                               X=3  (A only)
                               X=4  (B only)
                               X=5  (Home)