Cellular System Data Reception

    Snarf! is a primer on "snarfing" data for the electronicly experienced. Written for U.K. (ETACS) Phones, but useful starting point for other (such as AMPS) systems.

    Snarf 2 is an improved and expanded version of SNARF!

    Snarf 3 is a proposal to the cellular hacking community for DDI interface standards.

    Plans for a DDI box made from a modified Motorola phone (U.K. Version).

    SnarfWare software, for AMPS system, user provides signals, software interprets them.

    NiceGrab soft, for ETACS

    MacSnarfa is a Snarf type program & hardware for the mac.

    Raw archive of scanner modifications. Not all these modifications are for cellular

    Bill Cheek's guide for modifying many different scanners

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