This is a "ddi" type program for the PC. It works on ETACS (U.K.) systems only, IT WILL NOT WORK IN THE USA!

Grab NiceGrab

NiceGrab II Release 1 - Written By Cat! - (c)1996 MAYDAY

This is the ultimate (so far!) grabbing program for the PC!!!

It requires CLK to be on pin 10, DATA on pin 15!!!
   If u don't know what I mean then don't use the program ;-)

NiceGrab II is the offspring off NiceGrab (which used 2 be the
best grabbing program for the PC!!!), in this version I've made
it less compatible (it now won't work on 286's), but it has a
better chance of getting a grab (386 code!).

It will now work with almost any grabber (with suitable pin
conversion), it used to work only with DirtyGrab - the grabber
built by Dirty Mind/MAYDAY.

ESN's are logged in a log file, they are dumped (if not repeated)
in the esn file.  NiceGrab II never dumps the same number twice!
(unless told 2).  Nicegrab II ignores the CRC check - some phones
do phoney CRC numbers, this maybe a security feature - instead It
votes that valid bits are at least 3 out of 5 correct.  This WILL
make sense to some people out there!

If u need grabbing hardware 2 go with this software, contact
a member of the MAYDAY crew.

Just a littel note to all those writing text files about grabbing
and other cellphone info, why copy US texts - the header info is
the exact opposite of the US!!!  LAMERS!

Hi 2 Dirty Mind, Disk Wiz, etc...

                        - Cat!/MAYDAY