Ericsson DH336, DH338, DH343 and DH353

Phone Description:

    4 NAMs in EEPROM
    ESN and Serial Number match

Test Mode:

    904059 [MENU]

Reset Counters? (WARNING: Not Verified!)

    904060 [MENU]

Short Programming Method:

    Enter 987 [MENU]
    MIN (Mobile ID)  displayed
    Enter 10-Digit MIN (Mobile Number)  [RCL] 
    SID (System ID) displayed
    Enter 5-Digit SID (System ID)
    If desired, press [RCL] to repeat for NAMs 2,3, and 4 
    Press [SEND] to complete programming

Long Programming Method: (will work even if the phone is locked)

    Enter 923885 [MENU]
    ESN (decimal) displays
    Press [RCL]
    4-Digit Security Code displays ( cannot be changed here )
    Press [RCL] 
    Negative SID displays
    If desired, enter 5-Digit Negative System IDs [RCL] after each entry
       (Warning: don not enter your home system ID here)
    Press [END] to Store NSIDs or skip NSID menu 
    Mobile ID 1 displays
    Enter data for each step and then press [RCL] to increment
    After step 9 press [SEND] to store data and exit programming mode or 
    press [RCL] to repeat steps for NAMs 2,3, and 4
    Press [END] to complete programming
    (Press END to exit programming mode at any step)

  1. MIN (Mobile Number) [RCL]
  2. Auth Key (don't change) [RCL]
  3. SID (System ID - 5 digits) [RCL]
  4. IPCH (Initial Paging Channel)[RCL]
  5. SPCH (2nd Inital Paging Channel) [RCL]
  6. ACCOLC (Access Overload) [RCL]
  7. GID (Group ID) [RCL]
  8. MIN Opt (Ext Addr) 1=enable [RCL]
  9. LU (Local Use)

To program next NAM, [RCL], otherwise [SEND] [END]

User Instructions:

Multiple NAM Select: MENU + MENU ( until System Opt displays)+ YES + RCL (Until Phone Number displays)+ YES + (4-Digit Unlock Code)(Preset 0000)+Menu(to scrol) +YES+CLR(to exit)
New Unlock Code: MENU+MENU(until Locks displays)+YES+ 4-Digit Unlock Code + Menu ( until Change Security Code displays)+ YES + New 4-Digit Unlock Code + YES + New 4-Digit Unlock Code + YES
System Select: MENU + MENU (until System Opt displays) + YES + MENU ( until System Typ displays)+ YES + MENU (to scroll) + YES + CLR(to exit)
Preferred-Alternate AB/BA
Alternate-Preferred BA/AB
Preferred Only A Only or B Only
Alternate Only B Only or A Only