"Secret" Ericsson GH337 Functions

Also PH337, GH388

There has been a silly rumor that the Ericsson GH-337 was banned in several countries because of electromagnetic radiation levels. Ericsson denies this.

*#06# Displays IMEI (Serial Number). Accessory Connector Pin-Outs

Build a programming cable to interface your GH337 to your computer's serial port and do things like active the built-in calculator and RBS-info, erase the electronic lock, and enable the use of a different sim card/service provider.

A "secret test mode" can be accessed on the GH337. There seems to be two methods:

> * < < * > * displays software version, such as 940810 1310

> * < < * < * displays software version, such as 951024 1054 (most recent?)

after entering this mode, the < and > keys scroll through a menu. There seems to be different menus for different versions of software.

Software version number are apparently a date and time stamp.

940810 1310 version commands:

TEXT CHECK - shows 254 messages in current language

FLASH - DO NOT say YES to this, unless you know for sure what you are doing! This will erase your phones program, and you will have to return it to be serviced.

INIT EEPROM MMI - resents NVRAM settings.

Other, probably more recent version:

FLASH - will restart the phone, to the point of entering PIN numbers.

1-ROW TEXTS - scroll through 174 single line text messages with < and >

n-ROW-TEXTS - scroll through full-screen messages with < and >

950626 1405 version commands:

CXC (number) - CXC means firmware in Ericsson-speak. So the number is a version.

PRG - what is this for?

Available on the 951024 1054 software but apparently not on the 940810 1310, the sequence < * * < Responds "Lock to SP?" - an anonymous correspondent reports:" You can lock the phone to a specific operator, which means that if You put in a SIMM-card from a different operator, the phone refuses to accept it. To activate/deactivate this lock, you need a special secret code that is not available for the user, or use the cable described above.

About a year ago, one of the Swedish operators (Comviq) sold the Motorola Flare with this lock activated. To unlock the operator lock you had to buy the lockcode for about 1.000 SEK (~ $150), but if You wait 2 years after purchase date, You can get the code for free."

A correspondent reports:

- The INIT EEPROM MMI feature resets the user-settings (ringer level, 
...). I've just tried it - no danger ;>

- Ericsson announced during CeBit '96 Show that after the end of this 
show they will offer a new software version including SMS transmit via 
the handset keypad. Unfortunately I left Germany before this version was 
released. So I'm not sure if this S/W version is really available now.

It seems that there is a number of different fun features available with different software versions. Please report which functions work with which software versions. I also believe there are other "secrets;" yet to be discovered. I would suggest playing around with key sequences, starting with sequences similar to the known ones, and then go on trying other sequences.