(170-1064)                 Dual-NAM Programming

Short NAM-programming mode: 

Press and hold down FCN while entering the digits 987.  You must enter the
digits within ten seconds.

The text "SER NUMBER" is displayed along with the telephone's electronic
serial number.  The number contains 11 digits, so the most significant
digit is shown for one second, followed by the other 10 digits.

  ENTRY              DISPLAY TEXT              PERMISSIBLE VALUE
Electronic Serial  # ESN                       Not changeable
Phone Number         MIN x (x is NAM #)        10 digits
System ID            SID x (x is NAM #)        00000 to 32767

Press "#" or "*" to review MIN & SID, or END/PWR to exit the short 
NAM-programming mode.

Long NAM-programming mode:

This should be used only to troubleshoot NAM problems. When in doubt,
use the "Short" NAM-programming above. 

Press and hold down FCN while entering the digits 923885.  
You must enter the digits within ten seconds.  Note: "x" is the NAM #.

ENTRY                    DISPLAY TEXT             PERMISSIBLE 
Electronic Serial #      ESN                      Not Changeable
Emergency Number         EMERGENCY?               3 - 10 digits
Phone Number             MIN x ? (x is NAM #)     10 digits
Phone Number             SUB NO X ?               10 digits
System I.D.              SID x                    00000 to 32767
MIN MARK                 MARK x OFF               ON/OFF 
Paging Channel           IPCH x ?                 333 or 334 
Overload Class           ACCOLC x ?               00 to 15
Group I.D. Mark          GIM x ?                  00 to 15

Press # to step through and review your choices for NAMs 1 and 2, 
then press END/PWR to exit NAM-programming when you are finished. 
In some steps, you can "toggle" a setting from ON to OFF, or vice versa.
To change the setting, press any digit key.

Menu functions:

1. Press <FCN> <FCN> then 
2. Press "#" for forward, "*" for backward through functions. 
3. Press any digit key (1-9) to select an option within a function.
4. Press <FCN> to store desired option.
5. Press <END> to exit menu.

Menu Pos.   Function               Menu Pos.   Function
1.          Telephone # Selection   2.         Electronic Lock/Call
3.          Ring Volume             4.         Ring Tone
5.          System Selection        6.         LCD Contrast
7.          Answering Methods       8.         Key Burst, Tones, Clicks
9.          Microphone Volume      10.         Auto Retry on System Busy
11.         Backlight Selector     12.         Unanswered Call Counter
13.         Auto Area Code         14.         Voice Operated Transmission
15.         Bat. Voltage           16.         Total Accumulated Time
17.         Resettable Call Timers 18.         Last Call Time
19.         Keypad Lock

For Example: To change the "System Selection": Press <FCN> <FCN> then "#"
             4 times. then push the "1" key until the option you want is
             displayed (like "Pref Sys"); press <FCN> to store the
             setting, then <END> to exit the menu mode.