Fujitsu NAM programming

First, turn on the phone. Unlock it if neccessary, and choose which NAM to use ([Function] 7 {NAM number}). Then lock the phone ([Function] [Lock]). Turn the phone off then on again, enter #626#7764726 (spells out #NAM#PROGRAM) within ten seconds. Hold the * key until the tone stops.

You're now in NAM programming mode.

[UP] and [DN] select option. Hit [Store] after entering each data item, and then [Send] when finished to write the data into the phone's memory.

Test Mode

Enter #TEST#MODE (#8378#6633) - enter 2 digit command code, [SND]. The only code I know so far is 31, which displays ESN.

To get more info specific to your phone, check the files below: