Cellular Programming Terminal

Version 2.4 beta

NOT Written by Anthony Timson, DPC Cellware, London

This is a MS-DOS program which looks very similar to the MOT66 program used on most Motorola phones. It can program the ESN and MIN on:

UPDATE 11/11/96: I've communicated with Anthony Timson about the software. He says:

Celluware is a spoof written by a little talentless jerk called Nick Moss, the same guy who got someone to rip off CellTrak and sold it to the world :( Please don't waste your time with it. I have seen it and can tell you that it is a load of non-communicating crap designed by someone who can't even accurately mimic the Mot 6.6 front end... need I say any more!

UPDATE 7/22/96: I've found another distribution of this package, maybe this one will work better. Please let me know.

UPDATE 6/11/96: Since making this available, I have had much email asking where to get the proper cables (especially for the Nokia), and, why won't the regular Motorola cables work? I must say, I do not have any additional cable diagrams, and I don't know why the Motorola cables don't work. I haven't used this program. I don't know how to get a hold of Anthony Timson.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: good at electronics? try to figure out which parallel port lines the timson program is using to do what. Even if you're no hotshot, you may be able to get a listing of the functions of the various pins on phones from the vendor, by asking. Much of the time it is asking the right person/department in the right way. A service manual for a phone can be loaded with valuable info, but you may have to pay for it. Whatever you find out, please let me know, so I can share it with others. If you want glory, I'll attribute your findings, as well.

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