The code to enter the program is: 2697435  the steps are the same of others
Mitsubishi models (Programming in Italy).
Then there are:

     DISPLAY                   OPERATION

Dual Nam x                    Type: 0 SEND

No 1 xxxxxxxxxx               Type: ppppnnnnnn SEND
                              nnnnnn= Telephone Number
                              0337 pppp = 2222
                              0336 pppp = 2220
                              0330 pppp = 2224
                              0360 pppp = 2225
                              0368 pppp = 2226        

AID1 aaaaa                    Type: aaaaa SEND
                              aaaaa = Area Code

SecCod xxxx                   Type: xxxx SEND
                              xxxx = Security Code

Local 1 x                     Type: 0 SEND

EX 1 x                        Type: 1 SEND

IPCH 1 xxxx                   Type: 0023 SEND

ACCOLC1 xx                    Type: 0n SEND
                              n = Last number of the tel. number

PREFIX1 xxxx                  Type: The prefix of the tel. number

RI1 x                         Type: 1 SEND

PREF SYX1 x                   Type: 1 SEND

CHARGE1 x                     Type: 0 SEND

FDCCHA1 xxxx                  Type: 0023 SEND

FDCCHB1 xxxx                  Type: 0023 SEND
                              If you type RI1 = 1 then this parameter is skipped

EMG.NO xxx                    Type: xxx SEND
                              xxx= Emergenz Number

To stop the process press STO/END