Motorola programming info and utilities

The Sacred Three Steps For Programming Motorola Phones

Motprog v6.6 : ESN/NAM programming software for most Motorola fones

Some new Motorola Phones can only monitor channels 300, 333, 385, 799, and 991 in test mode, though models with firmware versions as late as 961C (in a Ford Taurus) still monitor all channels.

Supposedly, the way to get into TEST mode on newer phones (Mango/Courier, others?) is FCN 008376633 STO 00 , or FCN 0 0 * * 83786633 STO

The ubiquitous cellular phone, Motorolas are fairly easy to program. First, check the Motorola Bible (v.3.0) for general info. Most can be programmed from the keypad, though only three times. The phones can be put into a test mode by means of a jumper. Then you can enter interesting test mode commands, read the System ID from the data channel and monitor phone calls to impress your friends and annoy the government.

If you lost the manual and don't know how to use your motorola, do not fret.

We have the pinouts for the Motorola Bag Phone's 8-pin (RJ-45) handset connector, as well as its 25-pin (DB-25) data port, the Elite and the 8000 series hand held "brick phone" jack too.

Schematic of a MicroTAC.

If you're really hard core, and can handle a soldering iron, then take some wire, connectors, and resistors to make a reprogramming cable to hook your phone up to your computer to do neat stuff, including changing your ESN (Serial Number). Anthony Timson's Cellular Programming Terminal Can be used to reprogram some Motorola phones.

Motorola has different ESN prefixes for AMPS, NAMPS, and TDMA phones. By decoding the mechanical serial number, the date and place of manufacture can be discovered, and also the warrantee period.

Motorola Cellular Phone Hack : Conversion to Cell Scanner <shrug>
Motorola Manual Scanner
Celltrak : ETACS Cellular tracking software for Motorola 4800