This software will reprogram the ESN of Motorola phones with firmware greater than 9122, up till 9430. Get G2. Normally, people have been having trouble using it on faster computers, but POTI has fixed this, you can get his G2 BOOT DISK (it is BIG, over 470K) and it will run on Pentiums as fast as 120 Mhz:

This is a teledisk image of the boot disk you need to run g2 on a pentium. 
There is nothing special it is just a disk with himem.sys and dos loaded
high under dos 6.22. For those of you who have already tried this, there
is a problem with enhanced parallel ports. ECP/EPP ports do not work, you
must find either a standard parallel port on a card, or what I did, buy
a standard ide controller w/ 2 serial, 1 parallel, 1 game port (I got mine
for $13) and disable everything on the card except the parallel port, or you
will have conflicts. You must put the new standard parallel port on LPT1. 
You can set the old enhanced port to LPT2 or just disable it in your CMOS.
Either way, just plug the loader into the standard parallel port and 
everything should be fine.

Magistar '96
Greetz go to: Dr. Who, Vidiot, CidWilly, TV Man