Motorola Model 13241  3-Watt Portfolio Phone
(170-1245)                 NAM Programming

Before you start, write down the customer's 10-digit cellular phone number
and one-to-five digit Carrier System ID.  (You can confirm the Carrier
System ID with the cellular service provider.)

1.  Press [7][4][6][6][3][#][VOL/CTL][VOL/CTL]. The phone displays "Enter

2.  Enter the phone number.  The phone displays the phone number.  Then
    press [*].  The phone displays "Enter Sys ID".

3.  Enter the system ID.  The phone displays the system ID.  Then press
    [*]. The phone displays "Entry Done".

If you make a mistake, "Try Again" appears, then the phone displays the
number you entered.  Press [CLR] to erase the entire entry. Then enter the
correct number and press [*].