Motorola M70 Digital Cellular Telephone
(170-1301)                 Easy NAM Programming

TDMA Easy Programming


Before you start, write down your cellular phone number here _____________
and your Carrier System ID* (a one to five digit number) here ____________

* Contact your Cellular Service Provider to confirm your Carrier System ID

    TO                     ENTER                           PHONE

1.  Enter Programming      PRESS [#>], Carrier System      NAM 1 PROG
    Mode                   ID, [#>], [<*], [SEND]          *= Yes #= No

2.                         PRESS [<*]                      Security

3.  Enter Security Code    PRESS [0 Oper], [0 Oper],       Phone displays
                           [0 Oper], [0 Oper], [0 Oper],   its ESN
                           [0 Oper] (This is the code      (Electronic
                           that is in the phone when it    Serial Number)
                           is shipped out of the 

4.                         PRESS [SEND]                    Phone #
                                                           _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

5.  Enter Phone Number     ENTER Entire Phone Number
                           (   ) _ _ _ - _ _ _ _

                           PRESS [SEND]                    NAM Program

The phone will turn off.  When you turn your phone back on, the phone
number will be programmed.

Don't   If you make a mistake, "Try Again" will appear and you can
Worry!  re-enter the number.  Press [CLR] to erase the last digit or press
        and hold [CLR] to erase the entire entry.  Re-enter the correct
        number, then press [SEND] and you're finished!

To program a second telephone number into the same telephone, change step
1 as follows:

1.  Enter Programming Mode:   PRESS [#>], Carrier System ID, [#>],
                              [2 ABC], [#>], [<*], [SEND].

Then continue with steps 2-5.  Be sure to check with the carrier of the
second telephone number for the system ID.