MOTOROLA MICRO T-A-C 550 Cellular Telephone
170-1996                   Security Features

Your telephone offers several forms of security features against unauthor-
ized use. Activating these features requires either your three-digit unlock
code, or the six-digit security code.  The factory programmed unlock code
is 1, 2, 3 and the factory programmed security code is 000000.

NOTE:  It is common for the unlock code to be the last 3 digits of your
       phone number when it is programmed by your carrier.

Electronic Lock

To Lock

1.  Press (FCN), and hold (5).

2.  Phone will display Loc'd and the green indicator will light steadily.

To Unlock

3.  Enter your three-digit unlock code.

NOTE:  The factory preprogrammed unlock code is 1, 2, 3.

The Electronic Lock prevents use of the telephone by disabling both
incoming and outgoing calls.  To help remember which key to use, note that
"L" for Lock appears on the (5) key.

If you make an error when entering your unlock code, press (CLR) and start

If the phone is not unlocked within 8 seconds, it automatically turns off
to prevent use and preserve battery power.

Displaying Unlock Code

1.  Press (FCN), (0).

2.  Enter your six-digit security code.

3.  Press (RCL).  The unit will display Loc (and your three-digit unlock

4.  Press (STO).  The new unlock code will display to confirm storage.

Automatic Lock

This feature automatically locks your phone each time the unit is turned

1.  Press (FCN), (1).

2.  Scroll the menu by pressing (*) or (#).

    until -  LOC  -AUtO displays.

3.  Press (CLR) once to toggle this feature on (o), and again to toggle it
    off (-).

4.  To exit the Feature Menu, press (END).

Outgoing Call Restrictions

Your telephone can be set to restrict Call Placement (as when lending the
unit to another person).  Using the six-digit security code, you may select
one of the levels of restriction listed below.

1.  Press (FCN), (0).

2.  Enter your six-digit security code.

3.  Enter the number of the Service Level (1 or 4) you wish to use.

4.  Press (STO).  The unit will display LEVEL and the number selected.

Description                                                        Display

No restrictions.  (Standard setting)                               LEVEL 4

Phone will place calls only from memory locations 01-10.           LEVEL 1
No keypad dialing.  No memory storage.  If locations 01-10
are cleared, no outgoing calls can be made.

To change the unit to unrestricted operation, use the procedure above and
enter Service Level 4.