NEC P110/P120

Test mode and NAM Programming

(lock code) FCN-9 (lock code) FCN MEM 76 MEM #01 

"test" appears

MEM #01 - LCD Screen Test; lights all digits on the screen
MEM #02 - Reboots phone; exits test mode
MEM #22 - ? Changes all the digits to 1's and fills the screen
MEM #23 - ? yields a code in the following format XXXX-XXX_X XXXX
MEM #24 - Reads ESN
MEM #26 - Total Calls Made on the phone in hours and mins (can this be cleared?)
MEM #39 - strange, waits for something else to be entered...
MEM #71 - NAM programming - use # to cycle through menus

The default lock code is 0000, 1234, or the last 4 digits of the phone number. If you can't get this to work, you need a dongle (hardware) to get into the phone's test mode.

The text here would indicate that the commands are somewhat like the P200. check that phone's instructions for info. Please mail me what you find.