Nokia 100 THX-9L Programming

FOR AUTHORIZED DEALER USE ONLY - Not for use in Pennsylvania

Manufacturer: Nokia Mobile Phones
Type: THX-9L (also Called 121 in Spain)
Batery Type: BAC5-800 (7.2v Ni-Cd) (5 AA 1.2v Ni-Cd Cells)
Made in: FINLAND
Compatibility: With some Philips and Technophone models


Test Mode: No
NAM: You can change it only with the Keyboard.
ESN: You can´t change It


The Nokia 100 series handportable CMT uses an EEPROM NAM that can be programmed directly from the standard user keypad. In order to access the NAM, you must enter the special access code currently programmed into the phone.

Once the programming mode is accessed, NAM parameters are loaded by entering them into the display and "storing" them in selected memory locations. Be sure to obtain all parameters before proceeding.


If the instructions below don't work, try These or try the instructions for the 101

  1. Turn the phone on.
  2. Enter the NAM access code. Factory default is: * 60312 # 1 2 3 4 5
  3. Enter [M] 00.
  4. Verify that "STORE NOT DONE" appears in the display.
    If "NOT ALLOWED" appears, check to see if you have entered the access code correctly.

Note: If the correct access code is unknown, reprogramming must be referred back to the wholesale purchaser of the phone.


There are four memory locations, called 01 to 04, that contains the configuration info of the phone.
The data of each memory location has a "*" separator.

Memory Location 01

Explanation Values Default
? 0-1 1
? 0-1 1
Language code: 0 = English, 1 = Italian, 2 = Spanish. 0-2 0
? 0-1 0
Roaming mode (0 none,1 enabled menu option number 8) 0-1 0
EXAMPLE: 1*1*0*0*0
Enter [M] 01 [M].

Memory Location 02 NAM Number

Explanation Values Default
Enter the correct digit phone number.
any phone number
EXAMPLE: 989700575
Enter [M] 02 [M].

Memory Location 03 Setup Primary NAM

Explanation Values Default
? 0000-9999 2149
? 00000-99999 23552
Language code: 0 = English, 1 = Italian, 2 = Spanish. 0-1 0
? 0000-xxxx 0334 (0323 Spain)
? 0-9 8
Four digit lock code 0000-9999 1234
EXAMPLE: 2149*23552*0*0323*8*1234
Enter [M] 03 [M].

Memory Location 04 Setup Optional NAM

Explanation Values Default
? 0000-9999 2148
? 00000-99999 23552
Language code: 0 = English, 1 = Italian, 2 = Spanish. 0-1 0
? 0000-xxxx 0334 (0323 Spain)
? 0-9 6
Four digit lock code 0000-9999 1234
EXAMPLE: 2148*23552*0*0323*6*1234
Enter [M] 04 [M].


Press the up [^] and down [v] key and verify that the memory locations from above (01 through 05) had the correct information.
To exit the programming mode, power the phone off then back on. If NAM ERROR or NO SVC appears on the display, programming was done incorrectly and must be repeated.

Note: if NAM ERROR appears on the display check the memory locations for bad values.

Menu Option number 8, Roaming:

If you set to enabled the Roaming function you may see a new menu option if you press the [MENU] button and go to option number 8.
If you press then the [M] button you may choose one of these selections:

Now I don´t know how it works, if you know more about it please send me an e-mail.

Note: It may be diferent if you use the Italian or Spanish mode.