Nokia 1610, 1630 GSM

Software Version: *#170602112302# displays software version

IMEI: *#06# displays IMEI (serial number).

SIM-unlock: * # 7 4 6 0 2 5 6 2 5 # is supposed to SIM-unlock the 1610 and the 8110. However, I have heard that some manufacturers base the SIM-unlock code on the actual IMEI (serial Number) of the phone itself, and this code may work only one one specific phone.

Name Change: To change the name from "Nokia" in the display, Press ABC, type in what you want to have displayed, Hit MM999M

Supposedly, the 1630 is just the 1610 with a blue case.

Here's a UseNet post on the interface to the Nokia 1630

From: Anders Vejen 
Newsgroups: alt.cellular-phone-tech
Subject: Nokia 1630 has serial interface!
Date: Thu, 06 Feb 1997 10:03:52 +0100


me and my colleague fooled around with the CellularWare plug for the
Nokia 8110 yesterday on my Nokia 1630. They have the same bottom plug
except for the round male pin, which is not used in the CellularWare
plug anyway. So I thought they probably have a serial interface on the
16xx series (or I was hoping). Anyway, what little we found out was:

A) Yes, it does have a serial interface. The phone sends out the
following (in hex):

00 just after switching off
FF 00 00 E8 01 16 (repeated 3 times) when switching on.

B) After that it just seems to echo whatever you send it. It may be that
the serial hardware signals must be juggled.

C) The CellularWare for Nokia 8110 will install if you have the Nokia
1630 connected. It will *NOT* install if the phone is not connected! The
"at*nokiacw0" command sent by CellularWare just seems to be echoed.

D) We could not get the phone to send anything else on the serial line
(when receiving a call, sending SMS etc.) Not yet anyway.

We were using 9600,n,8,1.

Since leaving out small characters on the 16xx series is clearly a
marketing decision (small characters exist in the character ROM and can
be received fine in SMS's), I was wondering what can be altered in the