Nokia 2180 Cellular Telephone
(170-1403)                 Security

Security Code

Your phone will prompt you for a five-digit security code to enter certain
features.  The factory default code is 12345, and that is what your phone
will accept until it is changed.

If your service provider hasn't already changed your security code, it's
recommended you have it changed immediately.  Only your service provider
can change your security code.

Note:  When entering your security code, ***** will appear on the display
       to keep others from viewing your code.

If you make a mistake entering the code,

Erase the incorrect digit by pressing [CLR] or press and hold [CLR] to
exit the current function.

What if you enter the wrong security code?

You can still enter it again.  But if you enter the wrong security code
five times, your phone will activate a security timer.

Your phone will not accept a security code during this time, even if you
enter the correct one. You can still use your phone, but it will not allow
access to any security code protected features for ten minutes.

Once you have left your phone untouched for this ten minute "Time-out",
you may re-enter the correct security code to access security code
protected features.

Note:  If any key is pressed during this time, the timer will reset for
       another ten minutes.

Menu 5 1, Automatic Phone Lock

When this feature is activated, your phone will be locked every time you
switch on your phone.  You must enter a four-digit lock code to unlock
your phone.  Without entering your lock code, you'll be denied access to
almost every memory and menu function.

When your phone is locked, your phone will only allow incoming calls and
calls to the number stored in memory location 100.

Also, calls may be possible to the emergency number programmed into your
phone (e.g. 911 or another official emergency number), including calls
attempted with Emergency Key 9.

Note:  When your phone is locked, calls attempted with a long press of the
       9-key is turned on with Menu 3 4.

If your phone is locked and you switch your phone off and back on again,
you must enter the lock code.

To enter the lock code

  At Enter lock code:, enter the lock code and press OK.

Note:  Your security code can be entered in place of the lock code when
       you are asked to enter the lock code.

To answer a call with Auto Lock on

  Press [SND].

To call the number in location 100 with Auto Lock on

  With display empty, press /\ once, then [SND].

To turn Auto Lock off

Use Menu 5 1 and your lock code.

To change your lock code

You can change your lock code with your phone's menu.  It's recommended
that you change your code immediately because the default lock code (1234)
appears in this owner's manual.  In a lock code, only characters 0 to 9,
* and # are accepted.

Changing the lock code is simple.  Just use Menu 5 2 to do this.  Make
sure you have your security code and lock code handy.  You'll need to
enter both to change the lock code.

Note:  Avoid entering access codes similar to emergency numbers to
       prevent accidental emergency calls.

Menu 5 3, Restrict Calls

This feature allows you to restrict incoming and outgoing calls to and
from your phone.  You can select the level of restrictions through a
series of menu choices.

Menu 5 3 1, Restrict outgoing calls

Allowed means that all calls can be made as usual.

Blocked means that no calls can be made.

Limited means that calls can be made only to phone numbers stored in
certain memory locations.

When restricting outgoing calls by selecting Limited, you are prompted for
an Allow from location: and To location: value. For example, at Allow from
location: enter 1 and To location: enter 15, to allow only calls to the
numbers stored in locations 1-15.

When calls are restricted, calls may also be possible to the emergency
number programmed into your phone (e.g. 911 or other official emergency
numbers).  However, Emergency Key 9 may not operate depending on the type
of restriction you choose.

The default setting for this feature is Allowed.

Menu 5 3 2, Restrict International calls

Allowed means you can make international calls and Blocked means you

The default setting for this feature is Allowed.

Menu 5 3 3, Restrict all incoming calls

Allowed means you can receive all calls and Blocked means you cannot
receive any calls.

The default setting for this feature is Allowed.

Menu 5 4, Hide Memory

This feature will prevent your phone from displaying the phone number
stored in your personal directory.

To hide numbers in memory

Use Menu 5 4.  You'll need your security code to do this.

To hide only one location, enter the location number at both the Hide from
location: and To location: prompts.

To hide a series of locations, such as locations 10-15, enter the first
location, for example 10, at Hide from location: and the last location,
for example 15, at To location:.

Automatic PIN Calls

In some wireless networks, PIN (Personal Identification Number) Calls are
used to prevent fraud.  Check with your service provider to see if your
network uses this security feature.

To use this feature, you must set Menu 3 8, ONE-TOUCH PIN CALLS, to On.

After you select On, the phone asks you to enter a PIN Code.  Enter the
code given to you by your service provider, then press OK.

To deactivate PIN Calls, enter Menu 3 8 and select Off, then press OK.

Note:  All PIN Codes are assigned by the service provider.

To make calls using PIN Codes

Make sure that Menu 3 8 is set to On.

1)  Make the call as normal.

2)  The phone displays PIN CALL.

3)  When you hear the audio PIN prompt, press OK to send the PIN code.

Once the PIN Code is sent and validated, the call goes through as normal.
If the PIN sending fails, the network gives a tone to indicate this.

If you are in an area that is not supported by PIN Calls and you have this
feature turned on, simply wait for the call to go through.