Nokia 638 Cellular Phone
(170-1211)                 Programming

This "hand portable" phone offers dual NAM capability. The programming mode
can be entered even if the phone is locked.  Any unwanted entry can be
corrected by pressing the CLR key.

NAM Programming:

1.  Turn the phone on by pressing the PWR key.

2.  Enter the access code by pressing *, 3, 0, 0, 1, #, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, STO.

    STORE NOT DONE should appear on the display.
    If NOT ALLOWED is displayed, you have entered an incorrect access code.

3.  Press and hold the CLR key to clear the display.

Emergency Numbers and Language Code

4.  In one long string, enter any emergency numbers you want to be allowed
    to call when the phone is locked.  Use the following format where each
    number is followed by a # and the "Language Code" is followed by a *.
    Up to 32 characters are allowed including the # and * (21 digits for
    numbers excluding separators).

(number) # (number) # (language code) * (lock code) then press STO, 0, 1,

    Example: 911 # 611 # 0 * 1234, STO, 0, 1, STO.

The letter "0" followed by the star indicates the "Language Code".  "0" is
English, "1" is French, "2" is Spanish and "3" is Portuguese.

NOTE:  The first emergency number entered (911 in above example) will be
       assigned to the speed dial key [9].

Mobile Phone Number:

5.  Press and hold the CLR key until the display clears.
6.  Enter the 10-digit subscriber number (MIN).
7.  If desired, press the ABC key and enter a phrase of up to 16 characters
    to display during the wakeup sequence.  Use the zero key to insert a
    blank space, use the * or # to repeat a character(or wait two seconds).
    Only numbers or letters can be displayed at one time. To change between
    the two, press ABC.

8.  For the primary NAM, enter STO, 0, 2, STO.

For the secondary NAM, enter STO, 0, 4, STO.

System Parameters:

9.  Press and hold the CLR key until the display clears.
10. In one long string, enter the system parameters according to the for-
    mat shown below.  All parameters are separated by an *.  There is no *
    preceding or following the string.

    (System ID) * (MIN Mark) * (Local Use) * (IPCH) * (ACCOLC) * (GIM)

    Example: 00038 * 1 * 1 * 334 * OX * 10 (where X is the last digit of
             the MIN).

11. For the primary NAM, enter STO, 0, 3, STO.

For the 2nd NAM, enter STO, 0, 5,STO.

Verifying NAM Information:

12. Press and hold CLR until the display clears.

13. Enter RCL followed by one of the locations 01 through 05.

14. For a string longer than 16 characters, press and hold the RCL key to
    view information not currently displayed.

15. To exit programming, power off and on again.  If "NAM ERROR" appears in
    the display, programming was incorrect and must be repeated.

This information is provided to help the Cellular Installer service the
subject cellular radiotelephone.  Every effort is made to ensure the data
is correct, However we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the material and
assume no responsibility for its use, misuse, application or misapplication.

For Authorized Dealer Use Only

NOKIA 638 Series Cellular Telephone NAM Programming Instructions

The Nokia 638 Series hand-portable CMT uses an EEPROM NAM that can be pro-
grammed directly from the standard user keypad. In order to access the NAM,
you must enter the special access code currently programmed into the phone.
Once the programming mode is accessed NAM parameters are loaded by entering
them into the display and "storing" them to selected memory locations.  Be
sure to obtain all parameters before proceeding.

Easy NAM Programming

1.  Turn the phone on.

2.  Enter the Easy NAM access code.  Access code is: *#639#.

3.  Verify the display now reads "Cellular number" and enter the 10 digit
    MIN for the phone.

4.  Press the [SEND] key.  If less then 10 digits are entered the error
    message "TRY AGAIN" will prompt you to reenter the number.

5.  Verify the display reads "CODE" and enter the five digit SID followed
    by four zeros.  (Example 001750000 is a SID of 175 followed by four
    zeros).  An error message will display if an incorrect entry is made.
    Do not add more than four zeros after the System ID.

NOTE:  Change the Lock code by adding a pound sign and new lock code after
       the code.  (example:  001750000#7788.  Lock code = 7788).
       Change the Language by adding a pound sign and new language code
       after the code (example: 001750000#2.  Language = 2).
          Language Code: 0 (default) = English, 1 = French, 2 = Spanish,
          3 = Portuguese.
       Change the Lock code and Language code by separating each set of
       numbers by a pound sign.  (example: 001750000#7788#2). The SID =
       00175, Lock code = 7799, Language = 2 (Spanish).

6.  Press the "SEND" key.  The display will tell you that the activation
    was "ACCEPTED".  Do not touch any keys.  The phone will power down and
    then back up again.  Your phone is now programmed for use.

Access NAM Programming Mode:

1.  Turn the phone on.

2.  Enter the NAM access code.  Factory default is: * 3 0 0 1 # 1 2 3 4 5
    and press the [STO] key.  The display will revert back to the normal
    operational display.

3.  Press the \/ key and verify the display reads "911#*911#0*1234".  This
    is NAM location one (n1 upper right corner of the display).  To verify
    that NAM Programming has been successfully entered, use the scroll key
    to scan through the NAM memory locations. You may use the scroll key to
    verify that all entries were made correctly.

Changing The Emergency Numbers, Language, and Lock Codes (Location 01)

4.  Press and hold the [CLR] key until the display clears.

5.  Enter the string in Figure 1 using the keypad.


6.  Press [STO] 01 [STO].

Enter The Mobile Phone Number: (Memory Location 02 and 04)

7.  Press and hold the [CLR] key until the display clears.

8.  Enter the correct 10 digit phone number.

9.  If desired, press the [ALPHA] key and enter a name of up to 16 charac-
    ters.  Note that the Pound (#) key can be used to insert blank spaces.
    Once the name is entered, press [ALPHA].

10. (For NAM 1) Enter [STO] 02 [STO]
    (For NAM 2) Enter [STO] 04 [STO]

Programming The System Information: (Memory Locations 03 and 05)

11.  Press and hold the [CLR] key until the display clears.

12.  In one long string, enter the system parameter according to the format
     of Example 2. Be sure to separate each parameter with an asterisk (*).
     Do not place an asterisk before or after the string.


13.  (For NAM 1) Enter [STO] 03 [STO].
     (For NAM 2) Enter [STO] 05 [STO].