Nokia N201 Cellular Telephone
(170-1499)                   Programming

1.   Turn on phone.

2.   Enter *3001#12345.

3.   Enter [STO]00.  Display says STORE NOT DONE.  If it says
     "NOT ALLOWED", re-enter.

4.   Press and hold [CLR] until display clears.

5.   Enter NAM parameters in 1 long string -- 911#*911#0*1234 --
     lock code is 1234, language code is 0.

6.   Enter [STO]01[STO].

7.   Press and hold [CLR] until display clears.

8.   Enter the 10 digit phone number.

9.   If desired, press [ALPHA] key and enter a name of up to 16
     characters.  The zero key can be used to enter a blank space.
     After the name is entered, press [ALPHA] 10.  For Primary NAM
     enter [STO] 02 [STO].  For Optional NAM enter [STO] 04 [STO].

10.  Press and hold [CLR] until display clears.

11.  Enter the system parameters in a single string -- 

12.  For Primary Nam, press [STO] 03 [STO].  For Optional Nam press
     [STO] 05 [STO].

13.  Press and hold [CLR] until the display clears.

14.  Press [RCL] followed by one of the memory locations from above
     (01 through 05).

15.  Verify the information is correct.

16.  Power off.  Power back on.  If NAM ERROR or NO SVC appears (and
     service is activated) the programming must be repeated.