Please not that Network Wizards doesn't make the OKI-900 CTEK any more, though there are various people bootlegging it for much less than it cost originally. NW is planning on coming out with another version for the newer OKIs, but who knows what it will have in it. NW should start making them again if they want to keep their intellectual property rights.

                 Cellular Telephone Experimentors Kit
                        for the OKI-900/1150

The Cellular Telephone Experimentors Kit allows control of a cellular
telephone from a personal computer.  The Kit connects any DOS-based PC
with a serial port to an OKI-900/1150 (AT&T 3730/3760) cellular telephone.
The kit is designed for technicians, students, professionals, hobbyists,
and others interested in using, learning, repairing, and experimenting
with cellular telephone technology.

The kit consists of an interface adapter, software and manual.  The
interface adapter converts the cellular phone's proprietary interface to a
standard RS-232 interface, and allows connection of external audio signals
to the cellular phone.  The interface is not designed for data transmission
over the cellular system.

The kit includes the cellular telephone interface adapter;  a manual and a
short cellular tutorial;  four programs;  a programming library and
documentation;  and cellular related informational files.

One program is designed for testing the phone and allows a technician to
activate many of the OKIs built in test modes and functions, such as tuning
to a particular channel, activating carrier, sat, signalling tones, etc.

Another program can be used to access the phone's user features, such as
programming NAMs, or uploading, downloading and editing the phone's 200
alphanumeric telephone number memories on the PC.

A programming library object module is supplied to allow you to write your
own programs to access the phone in both normal operating mode and in test
mode.  The library contains functions such as tuning to a channel, turning
carrier/audio/sat-tones/signalling-tones on and off, reading received
signal strength, sending and receiving digital control messages, and
sending and decoding dtmf tones.

Two programs are supplied in source form that give examples of writing
applications in either of these modes.  One of these programs shows how the
PC can completely control the cellular phone, making and receiving calls
while the phone is only operating in its test mode, with the PC handling
all of the cellular protocol and messaging functions.  The other program
simply controls the phone by simulating presses on its keypad from the PC.

All code and libraries were compiled using Borland Turbo C 2.0 running
under DOS.  We are not supporting any other systems at this time.
The software does not change or modify ESNs.


We do not support any other brand of cellular telephones.  We also do
consulting and special projects with OKI related cellular equipment.


ITEM            DESCRIPTION                                             PRICE
CTEK            Cellular Telephone Experimentors Kit interface          $100
                  requires an adapter cable listed below

CTC900          adapter cable for OKI-900 (AT&T 3730)                   $25
CTC1150         adapter cable for OKI-1150 (AT&T 3760)                  $25

CTS2T           SMA to TNC adapter for OKI-900                          $5
                  allows connecting standard cellular mobile
                  antennas to OKI-900 (female SMA - female TNC)

CTRANT          right angle antenna (with TNC connector)                $20
                  when used with CT-S2T adapter, allows OKI-900
                  to sit flat on table with vertical antenna


Payment can be made by personal check (must clear first), money order
or cashiers check, or company purchase order.  Add $4 for shipping.
Californian's must pay 8.25% sales tax.


Network Wizards
PO Box 343
Menlo Park, CA  94026

tel: (415) 326-2060
fax: (415) 326-4672
net: info@nw.com

                 Cellular Telephone Experimentors Kit

Contents of Floppy Disk 

Download it

 Information Files
  README        This file.
  MANUAL        The manual.  Read it.
  TUTORIAL.DOC  A cellular telephone tutorial.
  AREACODE.DOC  A listing of North American area codes.
  SYSTEMS.DOC   A listing of North American cellular telephone systems.
  NW.DOC        Contact information for Network Wizards

  MENU.EXE      A menu driven program for setting user parameters in the phone.
  TEST.EXE      A program for cellular telephone testing and maintenance.
  KEYCON.EXE,C  A program (and source) to control the OKI in normal mode.
  TEL.EXE,C     A program (and source) to control the OKI in test mode.

 Programming Libraries
  CTLIB.DOC     The cellular telephone programming library documentation.
  CTLIB.H       The cellular telephone programming library header file.
  CTLIB.OBJ     The cellular telephone programming library object module.
  TTY.OBJ       Serial I/O object module (1of2).
  TTYA.OBJ      Serial I/O object module (2of2).
  MAKEFILE      A Turbo C makefile for compiling the sample source code.


ct_lib_init                     initialize library routines
ct_lib_done                     cleanup after library routines
ct_on                           turn phone on
ct_off                          turn phone off

ct_keypress                     "press" a key on phone

ct_set_channel                  select channel number
ct_set_carrier                  turn transmitter on or off
ct_set_tx_power                 set transmit power level
ct_set_sat                      select sat tones

ct_set_audio_path               set source/destination of audio signals
ct_set_rx_audio                 mute or unmute received audio
ct_set_tx_audio                 mute or unmute transmitted audio
ct_set_volume                   set audio volume level
ct_set_audio_tone               select audio alerting tones
ct_set_dtmf                     transmit DTMF tones
ct_dtmf_decode                  receive DTMF tones
ct_set_comp_exp                 turn compressor/expandor circuit on or off

ct_fcc_msg                      receive a Forward Control Channel message
ct_fvc_msg                      receive a Forward Voice Channel message
ct_rcc_msg                      send a Reverse Control Channel message
ct_rvc_msg                      send a Reverse Voice Channel message
ct_set_signalling_tone          turn signalling tone on or off
ct_stream                       set reception on even or odd data stream

ct_get_rss                      read received signal strength
ct_get_battery_level            read battery level

ct_read_mem                     read telephones internal memory
ct_read_block                   read memory block from phone
ct_set_block                    write memory block to phone
ct_get_esn                      read ESN from phone
ct_get_romver                   read ROM version number from phone
ct_get_prog_pwd                 read programming password from phone
ct_get_cust_msg                 read custom power on message from phone
ct_set_cust_msg                 write custom power on message to phone
ct_get_nams                     read NAMs out of phone

ct_inc_channel                  increment to next channel
ct_dec_channel                  decrement to next channel
ct_channel_type                 return type of channel
ct_decode_fcc_msg               decode a forward control channel message
ct_decode_fvc_msg               decode a forward voice channel message
ct_decode_order                 decode a received order
ct_tel2min                      convert a telephone number to a MIN
ct_gen_bch                      generate a BCH error correction code