Philips ISIS Cellular Telephone
(170-1220)                 NAM Programming


1.  Turn the phone off by pressing and holding the power key for 5-6
    seconds.  The phone will beep, then the display will slowly disappear.

2.  Press and hold the power key and the [4 GHI] key simultaneously until
    "PHILIPS" appears and then disappears on the display.  You will hear a
    tone, then see a key icon on the left and 4 bars in the middle of the
    display - - - - .

    If a large "X" appears in the screen turn the phone off and try again.
    Be sure to hold down the power key and the 4 key at the same time and
    keep holding the keys down until the proper screen appears.

3.  Enter 6267 ("NAMS").


4.  The current mobile phone number for NAM 1 will be displayed
    (1111111111 from factory). Press the clear key several times to
    clear the existing number and enter in the new mobile number (MIN).

5.  Press the down arrow key to move to the next NAM parameter.

6.  Press the clear key several times to erase the existing SID (Home
    System ID) and enter in the correct number.  Leading zeros are not

7.  The remaining parameters have already been programmed at the factory
    or will be set according to the first two parameters.


8.  Press the End key.  The phone will switch off and back on.


9.  Normally, only the first two NAM parameters must be programmed.  All
    other parameters are either derived from the first two parameters or
    are pre-programmed at the factory.  Those parameters can also be
    examined and changed if necessary by using the up/down arrow keys.

10. Two NAMS can be used in this phone: NAM1 and NAM2. Parameters for NAM1
    are numbered 1-33.  Parameters for NAM2 are numbered 34-66.  Parameter
    numbers are shown at the far left of the display.  Enter a value for
    each parameter as necessary.  Press the up/down arrow keys to move
    through the parameters.  Values are saved automatically as you move
    off each parameter.


11. The lock code can be viewed and changed in programming mode.  The lock
    code follows parameter 66.  To reach it quickly, press the down arrow
    key from position 1.


12. To reach the A-key editing menu quickly from idle mode (not
    programming mode), enter 2539 MENU (A key Menu).


Parameter Position
NAM1      NAM2        Parameter Description                Allowed Values

1         34          Phone Number                         10 digits long

2         35          SID (System Identification)          0-32767


3         36          International emergency number, set  0-9999
                      at factory. Can be changed.

4         37          Preferred system network, derived    A or B
                      from SID. Can be changed.

5         38          Own number to display in user menu,  16 digits long
                      derived from phone number. Can be

6         39          First dedicated control channel,     1-799 or
                      derived from SID, can be changed.    990-1023

7         40          First dedicated paging channel,      1-799 or
                      derived from SID, can be changed.    990-1023

8         41          Alternate control channel, derived   1-799 or
                      from SID, can be changed.            990-1023

9         42          Zip Dial Icon, factory set to +,     1 (+),
                      can be changed.                      2 (envelope),
                                                           3 (happy face).

10        43          Zip Dial Number, factory set to      0-99999999
                      Emergency number, can be changed.

11        44          AOC (Access Overload Class), equals  0-11
                      last digit of phone number, can be

12        45          Extended Mode, factory set to On,    On or Off
                      can be changed.

13        46          Display preferred SID list (On) or   On or Off
                      not (Off), factory set to On, can
                      be changed if off. Parameters 14-33
                      or 47-66 are not displayed.

14-23     47-56       Preferred sister SIDs, do not leave  0-32767
                      empty parameters between SIDs.

24-33     57-66       Preferred cousin SIDs                0-32767

  (key symbol)        View/change Lock Code                0000-9999