Qualcomm QCP-820 Cellular Phone NAM Programming

To program your Qualcomm 820 Cellular Phone, perform the following steps:

1.  Power phone on by pressing yellow "PWR" button.

2.  Enter the number "1" six times (i.e., 111111).

3.  Push the dial-shuttle in to select "Options". (Dial-shuttle is located
    on left side of phone.)

4.  Scroll the dial-shuttle and select "Programming" by pushing the dial

5.  Enter Security Code "654321".

6.  Select "OK" by pushing the dial-shuttle when ESN is displayed.

7.  Enter area code and phone number and push dial-shuttle.

8.  Enter "00002" and push dial-shuttle.

9.  Push dial-shuttle to select "OK" and push dial-shuttle when "AirTouch"
    is in the display.

10. Press "END".

How to Identify the ESN on the Qualcomm 820

1.  Remove the battery from the phone.

2.  On the back of the phone there will be a silver label.

3.  On the label you will find the ESN which is the 11 digit number
    beginning with 159.

4.  ESN will be displayed when the phone is programmed (see Step 6 above).