CT-100/101/  (170-3001/1075)       NAM Programming
   200/201   (170-1003/1005)        Instructions

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most of the CT-200 phones will require programming via 
                computer. To program these phones, a NAM adapter (DB-0224A),
                a programming disk (DB-0224), a serial cable (260-0269),
                and a Laptop computer are used.

STEP 1 (Enter Program Mode):

On the CT-100/101, type:   *17*3001*LOCK*   (The factory LOCK code is 1234)
On the CT-200/201, type:   *17*1003*LOCK*   If this doesn't work, try *17*1005*LOCK*

STEP 2 (Programming the Primary NAM information):

The phone will now inform you of the parameter it wants you to enter on the
top line with the previously programmed parameter (or factory default) on
second line. The starred (*) lines require information that MUST be
supplied by the cellular carrier.

*Line 1 of Phone: HO-Id      Type:  5-digit Home System ID then <SEL>
 Line 1 of Phone: ACCESS     Type:  1 then <SEL>
 Line 1 of Phone: LOCAL      Type:  1 then <SEL>
*Line 1 of Phone: Phone n    Type:  10-digit phone number then <SEL>
 Line 1 of Phone: CLASS      Type:  0 0 then <SEL> for the CT-100/200
                                    0 8 then <SEL> for the CT-101/201

*Line 1 of Phone: PAGE ch    Type:  3-digit Paging Channel then <SEL>
                                            (Note: Channel A is: 333,
                                                   Channel B is: 334)

 Line 1 of Phone: O-Load     Type:  0 and last digit of phone # then <SEL>
*Line 1 of Phone: Group      Type:  2-digit Group ID then <SEL>
 Line 1 of Phone: SEC        Type:  4-digit LOCK Code then <SEL>

 The phone will return to the normal power-on mode. The phone should now 
 be correctly programmed. It is important to remember that it will take a 
 cellular carrier several hours to activate a cellular phone number. 

Settings List:

<SEL> 1     Display Carrier Priority
<SEL> 11    Change Carrier Priority (A/B)
<SEL> 2     Enable/Disable Horn Alert
<SEL> 3     Display Time of Last Call
<SEL> 33    Display Call Timer Total
<SEL> 44    Enable/Disable Key Entry Tone
<SEL> 5     Auto Shutoff
<SEL> +     High Power
<SEL> -     Low Power
*LOCK*      Reset Timer