Cellular Mobile Telephone
CT-105/1050/1055 (170-1079/1021/1007) NAM Programming

NOTE: Some of the above Cellular Mobile Telephones will use the [STOR] key
      while others will use the [*] key.  Substitute the appropriate key
      for your particular cell phone.  (i.e.; If your phone does not have
      the [STOR] key then use the [*] key where ever it is called for in
      the programming procedure.)

General Details

The Number Assignment Modules (Pozidrive) are programmed using the handset
in the Cellular Telephone.  The procedure should only be carried out by an
Authorized Distributor.  As each (Numbered) instruction of this procedure
is completed the display will show a message, similar to that illustrated
beneath each instruction which will act as a prompt for the next action.

NOTES: 1. Certain values shown in the display examples are typical and the
          actual values displayed on the telephone may differ.

       2. If at any time during NAM Programming an incorrect character is
          selected, it may be rectified by pressing the CLR key and then
          selecting the required character.

Default NAM Settings

Description                          Phone Display       Setting
___________                          _____________       _______

Local Operator Number                OPR. NO  ?          611

Own Number Displayed at switch on    NUM  ?              Uses 'MIN' 
(or when requested from menu)                            setting

Local Emergency Service Number       EMERGENCY NO  ?     911

Outgoing International Call Code     INTERNAT CODE  ?    011

Overload Class Mark                  O/LOAD CLASS 00     Least significant
                                                         digit of 'MIN'

Extended Addressing Mode             EXP  ?  0           01

Initial Home Paging Channel          IPCH  ?  0000       333 or 334
                                                         Depending on CID

Preferred Initial Home Paging PREF   ICC  0000           IPCH

Non Preferred Initial Home Paging    NON-PREF ICC        333 (if IPCH=334)
Channel                              0000                334 (if IPCH=333)


Press the PWR key to switch ON the Cellular Telephone and enter the NAM

To Enter Program Mode Type:

  # 000000 ## 953739 # <SEL> <*> 49 <SEL> <SEL>

Phone Responds:   Memory 49 Stored  

Press <PWR> to turn the phone off, then on again.

   Phone Responds:   WHICH NAM?

Press 1 then <SEL> to select the first NAM.
*Line 1 of Phone: SYST.ID       Type:  5-digit Home System ID then <SEL>
 Line 1 of Phone: No.           Type:  10-digit Cellular Phone # <SEL>
*Line 1 of Phone: GROUP ID      Type:  2-digit carrier Group ID then <SEL>

Phone Responds:   SAVE NAM?            Press <SND> 1 <END>  to save the 
                                       programming, which will fill in the
                                       remaining options and exit. Press 
                                       <SEL> to modify the remaining 

 Line 1 of Phone: OPR. NO       Type:  Normally *611 then <SEL>
 Line 1 of Phone: NUM           Type:  Optional # that will be displayed on
                                       power up, then <SEL>
 Line 1 of Phone: NAM ID        Type:  Optional abbreviation for carrier 
                                       city, then <SEL>
 Line 1 of Phone: EMERGENCY NO  Type:  Normally 911 then <SEL> 
 Line 1 of Phone: INTERNAT CODE Type:  Normally 011 then <SEL> 
 Line 1 of Phone: O/LOAD CLASS  Type:  Normally 0 and last digit of phone #,
                                       then <SEL> 
 Line 1 of Phone: EXP           Type:  1 then <SEL> 
 Line 1 of Phone: IPCH          Type:  Initial Paging Channel: 0333 if 
                                       paging chan A, or 0334 if paging 
                                       chan B, then <SEL>.
 Line 1 of Phone: PREF ICC      Type:  Preferred Paging Channel: 0333 if 
                                       paging chan A, or 0334 if paging 
                                       chan B, then <SEL>.
 Line 1 of Phone: NON-PREF ICC  Type:  Non-Pref Paging Channel, should be 
                                       opposite PREF ICC

Phone Responds:   SAVE NAM?            Press <SND> 1 <END> to save the 

Settings List: (<SEL> to select options, then press <END> to save)

MENU A:                              MENU B:
<SEL> 0    Phone Lock               <SEL> <SEL> 0    Horn Alert
<SEL> 1    Go to menu B             <SEL> <SEL> 1    Go To Menu C
<SEL> 2    Alpha (Name) Search      <SEL> <SEL> 2    Backlight Timer
<SEL> 3    Display/Select Phone #   <SEL> <SEL> 3    Message Language
<SEL> 4    System Type              <SEL> <SEL> 4    Datalink Select
<SEL> 5    Last call Timer          <SEL> <SEL> 5    Touch Tone Options
<SEL> 6    Timed Auto Redial        <SEL> <SEL> 6    Battery Saver
<SEL> 7    Alarm Timer
<SEL> 8    Key Entry Volume
<SEL> 9    Ringing Volume

<SEL> <SEL> <SEL> (Security Code) 0      Display Own Serial Number (ESN)
<SEL> <SEL> <SEL> (Security Code) 1    **Memory Calls (1-20) Only
<SEL> <SEL> <SEL> (Security Code) 2      Change Security Code
<SEL> <SEL> <SEL> (Security Code) 3      Erase All Memory
<SEL> <SEL> <SEL> (Security Code) 4    **Memory Lock
<SEL> <SEL> <SEL> (Security Code) 5      Display/Reset Airtime Meter
<SEL> <SEL> <SEL> (Security Code) 6      Service Mode

NOTES: **These are the most likely to cause programming/use errors.
       Security and Pin codes are the same (factory default 0000).

(EB 2/4/98)