CT-354 Cellular Telephone
(170-1065/1070/1165)       Quick Programming

The handportable CMT uses an EEPROM NAM that can be programmed directly
from the standard user keypad.  In order to access the NAM, you must enter
the special access code currently programmed into the phone.  Once the
programming mode is accessed, NAM parameters are loaded by entering them
into the display and "storing" them to selected memory location.
Be sure to obtain all parameters before proceeding.


1.  Turn the phone on.

2.  Enter the NAM access code.  Factory default is *#639# (Spells *#NEW#).

3.  Verify the display reads "CELLULAR NUMBER?".

4.  Enter the 10 digit MIN and press [SND].

5.  Verify the display reads "CODE?".

6.  Enter the five digit SID followed by four zeros and press [SND].
    Example: 000420000 [SND].

Wait for the power to cycle off than on.  When the phone powers up it is
ready for activation under the programmed MIN and SND.  To change the Lock
code enter a # sign followed by the desired four digit Lock Code after the
code in step 6 (Example 000420000#4321) then press [SND].  To change both
Language and Lock Codes, enter the # sign followed by the desired language
code, enter the # sign again followed by the desired Lock code (Example
000420000#2#4321) and press [SND].