CT-354 Handheld Cellular Phone
(170-1165)                 Programming Lockcode

To program the Lockcode, perform the following:

1.  Press [MENU][4].  The display will show the current settings.

2.  Press [\/] or [/\].  The display will show one of the following pre-
    ferred lock settings:

       "ALLOW ALL" - No restrictions, (unlocked)

       "INCOMING ONLY" - Allow incoming calls only, except for calls from
       the lock-free memory location (40) and emergency calls (0/911).

       "MEMORY ONLY" - Only calls from the phone directory locations and
       emergency calls (0/911).  Manual dialing locked out.

3.  Press [OK] - stores setting and displays "LOCKCODE?"

4.  Enter 4 digit lock code and press [OK].  The phone is now locked.

NOTE: Follow the same procedure but select "ALLOW ALL" to unlock the phone.