CT-354  Cellular Phone
(170-1065)                 Security


You can use 4-digit lock code to prevent outgoing calls from being made.
The lock code is set by the dealer when your phone is activated.

NOTES:  Locking the phone does not prevent calls to the emergency numbers
        programmed when your phone was activated or to lock-free memory 20.

        When the phone is locked, you can only answer calls by pressing
        (SEND).  Any key answer is disabled.  Also, you cannot store or
        recall any memory number.

1.  Press (MENU) (4 GHI).

    The phone prompts you for the 4-digit lock code (LOCKCODE?).

2.  Enter your lock code and press OK.

    If you were locking the phone, the phone displays LOCKED to remind you
    that the phone is locked.  If you were unlocking the phone, the phone
    briefly displays UNLOCKED to confirm that the phone is unlocked.

    If you made a mistake in entering the lock code, the phone displays


You can use keyguard to prevent accidental operation of the phone's keypad
(for example, when the phone is in a purse or pocket).

To turn keyguard on or off, press (MENU), then (*).  You can also turn on
keyguard by pressing and holding (END) for 2 seconds.  This is a convenient
way to activate keyguard when you end a call.

When keyguard is on, the phone displays KEYGUARD ACTIVE.  When you press a
key, the phone first prompts you to press (MENU) (PRESS MENU) and then (*)
(NOW PRESS *) to turn on keyguard.  The phone briefly displays KEYGUARD OFF
to show that keyguard is now off.

When keyguard is on:

To answer a call, press (SEND). During the call the keypad remains unlocked
and the phone can be operated normally.

To end a call, press (END).  After the call disconnects, keyguard
automatically turns back on.

You cannot turn off the phone.

One-touch emergency dialing does not operate.  However, you can make an
emergency call by manually dialing any emergency numbers programmed into
your phone (911 or other programmed emergency number).  The phone does not
display any digit until you enter the entire number.


You can make an emergency call to the primary emergency number
preprogrammed into your phone by your service provider by pressing and
holding (9 WXYZ) for 1 1/2 seconds, when one-touch emergency dialing is
turned on.

Follow these steps to turn one-touch emergency dialing on or off.

1.  Press (MENU) then press ( /\ ) or ( \/ ) to select EMERGENCY KEY 9.

2.  Press (OK).  The phone displays EMERG.9 ON (if one-touch emergency
    dialing is on) or EMERG.9 OFF (if one-touch emergency dialing is off).

3.  Press ( /\ ) or ( \/ ) to select ON or OFF.

4.  Press (OK) to save your selection.