CT-400 Handheld Cellular Phone
(170-1101)                 Security

selecting a call restriction level

Your phone is preset to let you (or anyone else) dial any type of number
(local or long distance) and freely access any information stored in its
memory.  To prevent unauthorized use of your phone, however, you can enter
your 4-digit lock code (see "Changing the Lock Code" in Faxback Doc.
# 46086 any of these varying levels of call restrictions.

Restriction Level   Description

ALLOW ALL           No restrictions (default setting).

INCOMING ONLY       All incoming calls can be answered.  Outgoing calls
                    are restricted to the preprogrammed emergency number
                    and whatever number you stored in Memory 40.  The
                    memory cannot be accessed or changed.

MEMORY ONLY         All incoming calls can be answered.  Outgoing calls
                    are restricted to numbers stored in memory (including
                    the preprogrammed emergency number).  The memory
                    cannot be changed.

IMPORTANT:  You can dial the pre-programmed emergency number and the
            number stored in Memory 40 regardless of which call
            restriction level you select.

Follow these steps to select a call restriction level.

1.  Press [MENU] [4GHI].  The phone displays the current setting.

2.  Repeatedly press [/\] or [\/] until you see the setting you want to
    use, then press [OK] to select that setting.

    The phone prompts you for your 4-digit lock code (LOCKCODE?)

3.  Enter your lock code, then press [OK].

    Note: If you enter the wrong lock code, the phone displays CODE ERROR.
          Start again at Step 1 and enter the correct code.

If you selected any setting except ALLOW ALL, the phone briefly displays
NOT ALLOWED when anyone tries to use a restricted feature.

Turning One-Touch Emergency Dialing ON/OFF

One-touch emergency, dialing lets you call the primary emergency number
programmed into your phone, by holding down [9WXYZ] for about 2 seconds.

One-touch emergency dialing is preset to OFF.  To turn it on or back off
at any time, follow these steps.

1.  Press [MENU] then repeatedly press [/\] or [\/] until the phone
    displays EMERGENCY KEY 9.

2.  Press [OK].  The phone displays EMERG. 9 ON if one-touch emergency
    dialing is ON, or EMERG. 9 OFF if it is OFF.

3.  Press [/\] or [\/] to select the other setting, then press [OK] to
    store your selection.


You can use keyguard to disable the phone's keypad and prevent accidental
key presses (when the phone is in a purse or pocket, for example).

To turn on keyguard, press [MENU] [#  ] or hold down [END] for about 2
seconds (this is handy when you are ending a call, for example).

When keyguard is on:

   The phone displays KEYGUARD ACTIVE until you press a key.

   When you press any key, the phone displays PRESS MENU to prompt you to
   turn off keyguard.

   To answer call, you must press [SEND].  During the call, keyguard
   automatically turns back on.

   When you press [END] to end a call, keyguard automatically turns back

   on.  You cannot turn off the phone.

   You cannot use one-touch emergency dialing.  However, you can manually
   dial the emergency number programmed into your phone (911, for example)
   and press [SEND] to place the call. The phone does not display any
   digit until you have entered the entire number.

To turn off keyguard, press [MENU].  The phone displays NOW PRESS *.
Press [#].  The phone briefly displays KEYGUARD OFF.