Technophone 900 - AMPS Mobile Telephone
(170-1017)                 Security Menu - D

The Security Menu allows you to access the following secure functions:

  D0  Display Own Serial Number

  D1  Display/Select NAM

  D2  Call Restrictions

  D3  Incoming Call Bar

  D4  Change PIN

  D5  Erase Whole Memory

  D6  Memory Lock

  D7  Service Mode

  D8  SID System Identification

To access the Security Menu from the normal display, press [MU][MU][MU][MU]
and enter your 4-digit PIN.

The descriptions for functions D0 to D8 assume that you have accessed them
directly from the normal display.

Display Own Serial Number (D0)

  Displays the Electronic Serial Number (ESN) of your telephone, in decimal
  or hexadecimal form.

HEX A2000002

  Press [MU] [MU] [MU] [MU] 4-digit PIN 0 OPR to access the function.

  To select other option ('DEC'/HEX'): press [MU].

  Press [END] to exit.

Display/Select NAM (D1)

  Your telephone can be programmed (by your dealer) with up to three tele-
  phone numbers, to permit use on different cellular systems.

  The telephone number and identifying name of each system is stored in a
  Number Assignment Module (NAM).

  Programmed NAMs can be displayed and selected.

NYC 516 456 7890

Press [MU] [MU] [MU] [MU] 4-digit PIN [1 QZ] to access the function, and
display the first NAM.

To scroll the NAMs press [MU].

Press [END] to exit.

Call Restrictions (D2)

  Prevents specific types of calls.

  Selects any one of the following options:


    'ALL CALLS'                All calls allowed.

    'OUTGOING BLOCKED'         Restriction to incoming calls only.

    'MEM ONLY ENABLED'         Restriction to calls from numbers stored in
                               memory locations 1 to 20 only.

    'INTERNAT RESTRICT'        Restriction to national calls only.

    'LOCAL ONLY ON'            Restriction to local calls only.

    'SYST ID nnnnn'            Restriction to calls in the Home System of
                               the currently-selected NAM only.

  '911' emergency calls can always be made, regardless of option selected.


Press [MU] [MU] [MU] [MU] 4-digit IN [2 ABC] to access the function, and
display current status.

To select another option (see list above): Press [MU]. Note that if incoming
calls are barred, then 'OUTGOING BLOCKED' is not offered as an option.

Press [END] to exit.

Incoming Call Bar (D3)

  Prevents the telephone from receiving any calls, forcing it to be used for
  outgoing calls only.


Press [MU] [MU] [MU] [MU] 4-digit PIN [3 DEF] to access the function and
display current status.

To select other option ('INCOMING OPEN'/'INCOMING BARRED') press [MU]. Note
that if outgoing calls are blocked, then 'INCOMING BARRED' is not offered
as an option.

Press [END] to exit.

Change PIN (D4)

  Allows you to change the 4-digit PIN to a number of your choice.  (Remem-
  ber to keep a note of your PIN.

  On a new phone, the PIN is set (factory preset) to 0000.

  The PIN is intended to help prevent unauthorized access to certain func-


Press [MU] [MU] [MU] [MU] 4-digit PIN [4 GHI] to access the function.

To change the PIN:

Press [MU].  The message 'ENTER PIN CODE' is displayed.

Enter your new 4-digit PIN.  For added security, the numbers are not dis-


Press [MU].

Press [END] to exit.

Erase Whole Memory (D5)

  Permanently deletes contents of all memory locations.

  CAUTION: Once deleted, the contents cannot be recalled.


Press [MU] [MU] [MU] [MU] 4-digit PIN [5 JKL] to access the function.

To erase the contents:

Press [MU] and the message 'CONFIRM?' is displayed.


    - Press [MU] to erase all memory locations; each memory location number
      is displayed in sequence, and erased or

    - Press [CLR] to exit from the function without erasing any memory
      location contents.

Press [END] to exit.

Memory Lock (D6)

  Protects contents of all locked memory locations (i.e., those containing
  a name beginning with the * character) from unauthorized recall.


Press [MU] [MU] [MU] [MU] 4-digit PIN [6 MNO] to access the function, and
display current status.

To switch lock on/off press [MU].

Press [END] to exit.

Service Mode (D7)

  Displays technical information.


Press [MU] [MU] [MU] [MU] 4-digit PIN [7 PRS] to access the function.

V 01 . 10A
V 01 . 10H

Press [MU].

The software versions are displayed briefly.  (The actual numbers displayed
for your telephone will differ from the example illustrated below).  The
service status will then be displayed.

Service Status:

To exit service mode:


Press [MU] [MU] [MU] [MU] 4-digit PIN [7 PRS].


Press [MU].

Press [END] to exit.

  Switching the telephone off automatically cancels Service Mode.

SID System Identification (D8)

Only in models where this feature is available.

  System Identity (SID) information can be programmed into the telephone by
  your dealer.  The identities of specific systems, associated with NAMs 1
  and 2 (only) can be programmed as friendly or unfriendly.  (All other
  available systems will remain undesignated.)

  If SID is set to 'ON' (using this menu function), and if NAM 1 or 2 is

    -  When the telephone is attempting to find service it will automatic-
       ally select the four strongest received signals; it will then choose
       the strongest (or only) friendly signal (or undesignated signal, if
       a friendly signal cannot be found), and select the associated system.
       If all four signals are unfriendly, the telephone will not find ser-


Press [MU] [MU] [MU] [MU] 4-digit PIN [8 TUV] to access the function.

To select 'SID OFF'/'SID ON' press [MU].

Press [END] to exit.

  Set function to 'ON' when you specifically require the SID facility to
  operate.  (If SID is 'ON', and only unfriendly systems can be found, it
  will not be possible to make or receive calls.)

  For information on NAMs, refer to 'Display/Select NAM' (D1).