Cellular Texts

This page is an index of various tutorials & general cellular information. Some of this stuff is outdated and/or innacurate.

"A cellular Communications Primer", by Damien Thorn. Appeared in the November 1992 issue of Nuts & Volts.

"Cellular Phreaks and Code Dudes", by John Markoff. Appeared in Wired 1.1, 1993. Just more media distortion.

Cellular Telephone Phreaking Phile Series, by The Mad Phone-Man

Mobile Communication and Third Generation Wireless Networks, by dec0de, 2003.

Stargate Cellular Hackers' Journal, November 1994 issue

Cellular Secrets, by BootLeg, 1992. Cellular Tutorial.

Hacking Cellular Phones, by The DNABOX. Cellular Tutorial

Ultimate Cellular Modification Manual, by Dr. Bloodmoney, June 1992

Ultimate Cellular Phone Phreaking Manual, by The Raven of HTH. Volume 1 of 2.

A to Z of Cellular Programming - an outdated guide to NAM programming for many phones. All this info has been integrated into the RadioPhone pages.

System ID listing - outdated SID list

How to connect any cellular phone to a modem, by Phantasm. An acoustic-coupler hack. Does this actually work?

Dirt Cheap Accu Charger [pdf]: Turn your unwanted cellfones into battery chargers. 2005.

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