Commercial Communications: Frequencies

900fone.txt666Freqs. For 900Mhz Band Cordless Phones
airforce.txt2157Air Force Frequencies
bostonfm.txt4041Boston Area Fm Station Report and Description1992-08-08
buginfo.txt24490Excellent Listing of Bug Frequencies and detection techniques1996
airlnfrq.txt4629Frequencies For Phun: Airline Frequencies
cordless.txt2235Cordless Telephone Frequencies
chart.zip15264Create Printable Spectrum Allocation Charts1988
drug-frq.txt5318DEA Frequencies And Buzzwords
fax-freq.txt10383Facsimilie Frequencies
fedfile.txt20299List of Federal Frequencies
freqfind.arj10325Text On How To Find Frequencies1989
govt.txt16324More Government Frequencies
govt1.txt64314Government Frequencies1990-02-16
grovedbf.zip816495Grove Freq. Database1992
gvtfrq.txt12838Excellent Listing Of Nat. Government Frequencies
marine.txt29673MARINE High Frequency Listing
massfreq.zip105802Mass. Frequency List In .DBF Format1993
ntscfreq.txt4972NTSC Assigned TV and Cable Frequencies
patrol.zip33842State Police Frequencies Multi-State (.DBF File)1991
presfreq.txt4324White House Frequencies: Status of Security
rft.zip25776Freq. utility tools1990
secret.txt4255Secret Service freqs1992
telco2.txt3737NY Telephone frequencies
usfreq.zip12134Large Listing of US Frequencies1989

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