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1488-89.txt1670Tutorial on the use of the RS-232 tx'er and rx'er1993
387.zip24160Coprocessor Emulation for 387DX and 387SX1990
a-d86fix.zip301127Updates For Masterful Assembler/Disassembler X861990
aciran35.zip137269Linear AC Circuit Analysis1988
arma12d.zip264294Armadillo+ V1.2 Universal uController Development Environment1992
asmfaq.txt128085x86 Assembly Language FAQ1995-08-29
asref.zip21803Reference Manual For Motorola AS Cross-Assemblers1989
ba1404.zip152722BA1404 Stereo FM tranmitter data sheet. 4 .TIF files.1993
basictoc.zip29394A BASIC to C Compiler1984
batsim.zip474752Battery Simulation - fresh program1993
bkgroun1.txt18940Forsight Background: Introduction To Nanotechnology1989
bkgroun2.txt14822Background Behind Nanotechnology For Non-Technical Readers1989
bkgroun3.txt22293Nanotechnology: Where It Stands Today1986
bogosity.txt10152The Problem Of Nonsense In Nanotechnology1988
boolt17.zip137879Boolean Logic tutorial program1994
cable.zip14094Cable TV Secrets1990
cabledes.txt2212Cable Descrambling
capinfo.txt1011Info On Deciphering Capacitor Values
cardcop.zip18435Magnetic Stripes: File Rom Hack-Tik.1992
codphone.txt3842Info On Those Code-A-Phones
comm.zip4162Turbo C Communications Routines/Lib1990
cpuinfo.zip9531Identifying Intel Microprocessors1986
dasm8051.zip548068051 Disassembler
digita.zip69761Digital Simulation demo1993
divrtrx2.txt5632Diverter Plans, by The Ear and Mavicon M.D.
dtmf-faq.txt8485The real dope on DTMF touch tone coding1994-08-25
easyfree.zip577236Protel Easy-Trax Schematic1993
edit.txt17792Electronic Deception Interception & Terrorism: The Radio Shack Reality1987
eisa-q&a.txt15386EISA Buss Questions and Answers1988
eisa.txt7768EISA Buss Description1988-09-13
elec.zip467361Electronic Schematic layout demo (for Windows)1993
elecfun.txt2359Fun With Electronic Components.
eproms.txt11872List Of Eproms W/ Programming Voltages
et-v1.zip90521Integrated Development Environment w/Terminal for MOT HC11 Series1992
ethpac.txt16643COM Visual Description Of Ethernet Packet (Bit ID)1991
fm10-faq.txt32982FM-10 pirate radio FAQ.
fmbug.txt2581FM audio transmitter bug schematic
gameport.txt4196info needed to use the joyport for data input.
gldwav21.zip283235GoldWave sound exchange facility, for Sound Blaster1994
gleedig.zip13530OrCAD .LIB with EPROMS & Motorola microcontrollers1990
hanson.txt94978Could Gambling Save Science: Encouraging An Honest Consensus1990-07
harris.zip223190Harris Semiconductor Database, 19931993
hightech.txt10931Technical Catalogs, Supplies, And Sources1992-01-01
hotline.zip336419AT&T's HOTLINE Phone Number Database (Govt & High Tech)1993
i8259tut.txt8600Intel programmable interrupt controller1993-12-01
ibmcom.txt145333Serial Port FAQ1995-02-22
ibmlpt.txt48958Parallel Port FAQ, by Zhahai Stewart1994
icbook13.zip38795IC Book: Chip Cataloger, can add your own1988
intelhex.zip2899Basic Program To Make Intel-Hex From BIN Files1988
interwrk.txt92163com Networking Notes on Routers and Bridges1991
nanintro.txt12657Nanotechnology: A Key Advance1988
lasi41a.zip330863LASI V4.1 PCB-CAD/Auto-router [1/4]1993
lasi41b.zip355873LASI V4.1 PCB CAD/Auto-router [2/4]1993
lasi41c.zip218992LASI V4.1 PCB CAD/Auto-router [3/4]1993
lasidemo.zip23517LASI Demo/Tutorial files [4/4]1993
lcd-faq.txt111595Liquid Crystal Display FAQ1994-07-14
mathpl.zip119595MathPlot - plots/graphs math functions1992
md86.zip166909Masterful Disassembler: Intel 8086 Version.1988
megascal.txt27977Megascale Engineering and Nanotechnology1987
memes.txt30374Memes Meta-Memes and Politics1988
micro-na.txt6007Molecular Electronics and Technology: Proposed Distinctions1987
midispec.txt258601.0 MIDI specification.1994
ml-asm51.zip1170298051 Cross-Assembler1990
mod82c11.txt11992Bi-Directional Parallel Port Circuitry Tutorial1991-02-27
monplus.zip22331A Monitor For The Intel 8031 Family1990
motrla93.zip332166Motorola Semiconductor Database (Sept.93)1993-09
mouscode.txt2268Mouse Programming Tutorial1993-11-22
nano101.txt18317Nanotechnology 101: Where Can I Find Such A Course?
nextdsp.txt29696Info On The Next's Interface To The Power Glove
nicadfaq.txt33866NiCad FAQ file1994-09-27
nicadchg.txt6009NiCad Charger Plans1992-10-02
nkfsa97.zip169843N6NKF Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer You Can Build1988
nte.zip1880307NTE Quick Cross Database (component cross-reference?)1992
ocrshr22.zip389165Optical Character Recognition Package (Like Advantex)1990
parallel.txt15488PC Parallel Port Discussed
parallel.zip73471Parallel, Inc.'s LPT port diagnostic tool.1993
parts.txt13401Sources For Electronic Parts
pcasm86.zip396127The PC Assembler With Tutor1990
pcb1.zip128370Printed Circuit Board CAD Router, Part 11986
pcb2.zip99812Printed Circuit Board CAD Router, Part 21986
pcbdsk1.zip1305070Demo from Protel of a PCB layout program (v2.8). Any Windows. Only limit is # of components & pins. [1/2]1995
pcbdsk2.zip1069001Demo from Protel of a PCB layout program (v2.8). [2/2]1995
pcd306g1.zip145273PC-DRAFT-CAD r3.06 [1/3]1993
pcd306g2.zip127834PC-DRAFT-CAD r3.06 [2/3]1993
pcd306g3.zip86617PC-DRAFT-CAD r3.06 [3/3]1993
pci2c.zip202426Control I2C Devices From Your LPT Port1988
pc_ecap.zip148050AC Circuit Analysis (Inductors, Caps, Transistors, OP-Amps)1991
pc_info.zip51542Mini PC/XT/AT Technical Reference1991
pg386.zip1417C Routines To Interface PC Through The Parallel Port1992
phone.zip40469Telco-Line Interfacing Tutorial1991
pldtut20.zip108801TI's Programmable Logic User's Guide1985
power386.txt45824More On Connecting The Power Glove To The 3861991-06-20
prosch-1.zip956999PROTEL Schematic CAD/Auto-router for Windows 3.11993
protel-1.zip793432Protel Schematic Capture Demo [1/2]1993
protel-2.zip515944Protel Schematic Capture Demo [2/2]1993
prtfmt11.zip12802OrCAD Parts Lists Formatter Utility Program1992
psam1865.zip63158PseudoSAM Cross-Assembler For The 180x & 65021988
psam4851.zip67302PseudoSAM Cross-Assembler For The 8748 & 87511988
psam680x.zip62662PseudoSAM Cross-Assembler For The 680x & 68051988
psamz885.zip67395PseudoSAM Cross-Assembler For The Z80 & 80851989
pspice1.zip349149PSPICE Circuit Simulator V5.00, Part 11991
pspice2.zip338827PSPICE Circuit Simulator V5.00, Part 21991
psupply.zip8393How To Design Power Supplies. BASIC code1988
puff1.zip155868Microwave PCB Designer V1.01991
qbser12.zip16254Serial I/O routines for use with QuickBasic1989
qr15r3us.zip239269QuickRoute V1.5 r.3 PCB auto-router1993
rs232ckt.zip48248Serial Interface Using 6403 UART1990
rs232ex.zip9062RS-232 Operation Explained (In-Depth Tutorial)1986
sat-noaa.zip7890Receiving Weather Satellite Imagery: Beginners Primer1989
scancode.txt10516Keyboard scan codes for XT and AT keyboards.1994-06-10
sercom.zip29550Serial Com Program To Communicate With Microcontrollers1991
spice54a.zip1041430Spice Version 5.4 -=- Disk I1992
spice54b.zip1186945Spice Version 5.4 -=- Disk II1992
spice54c.zip930688Spice Version 5.4 -=- Disk III1992
steppers.txt26923Stepper Motor control FAQ, by Doug Jones1995
stepviz.txt2155Visable stepper motor diagramatic actuation ills.1994-08-09
subatomi.txt7364Subatomic Particles /W Relation To Nanotech.
surge.txt7168Surge Protectors You Can Build
tango-1.zip821099Tango PCB/Route Evaluation [1/2] - Saving/Printing crippled1993
tango-2.zip706290Tango PCB/Route Evaluation [2/2]1993
tasm276.zip108989Cross Assembler For: 6502, 8048, 8051, 8085, Z80, 6805, and TMS320101989-02
thehand.zip49011Power Glove Program That Uses NES PG!!1992
theref42.zip170451Hard/Optical Disk Drive Parameters and Information1991
tomlpt.txt15832Parallel port FAQ for BASIC Programmers
ttl_name.txt43804List Of Transistor-To-Transistor Logic Chips
tutor51.zip84158051 TSR Tutorial W/ Data and Operations1990
tvirspec.txt14307TV/VCR IR Controller Codes FAQ1994-09-13
vend800.txt10735Computer Venders 800 Number List
vingcard.txt8562VingCard Security System: An Evaluation
vo-recg.txt5458New Applications of Voice Recognition Technologies
whos.txt56426Who's Listening: IAM / Secure Data Incorporated
winspic1.zip174493PSPICE For Windows 3.1 (Part 1)1991
winspic2.zip626840PSPICE For Windows 3.1 (Part 2)1991
xeroxpcb.txt12288Transfering PCB Traces From Paper To Xerox To PCB
xstrlabl.txt5020Deciphering Transistor Labels1992-03-02
xtaloscs.txt9467Crystal oscillators with crystals, gates, and schematics1994-04-16
xtbios.zip37811Unassembled XT BIOS (ASM Source, Edit And Burn!)1988
z80dis.zip25791Z80 disassembler1992

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