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2015.zip4101A Guess of What Happens in the Future1992
aacredit.zip102644The Repair Your Credit Kit1991
agrippa.zip5533William Gibson's Poem/Story1992
ansicv22.zip64609GIF to ANSI Converter.. It's about time!1991
antipir.zip2868New Bill On Anti-Wares.. Boo Hoo..1992
arj241.exe223594Arj V. 2.41 Self-Extracting1993
asset-a.zip53736DRUG Asset Forfieture Laws. (Remnants of RICO)1992
beastcty.zip15822Supernatural Beast City: English Translation!!! (Postscript)1991
bel202.asm18103Source for Bell 202 9600 Emulation Via DSP Chip
bookshop.zip10431List of Boston/Cambridge Area Bookstores1992
cablefaq.zip15942Usenet group FAQS on cable scrambling techniques1994
carowner.txt1717What Kind of Car Owner Are U?
catmed20.zip152689Computer Veterinarian for Cats V2.01992
chess101.zip56832You're a Chump If You Lose to This!1990
chop31.zip27100File Chopper.. Breaks Up Huge Files Into Little Pieces.1987
cleandel.zip1322Deletes Entire Record of File. Can't Be Undeleted1993
crimelaw.zip33347Fed Laws Dealing With Wiretapping and Digital Storage1992
cyberpnk.zip10800Cyberpunk FAQ Sheet - From Usenet1992
dcf40f.zip64056Fast-Ass PC Disk Copier1993
denning.zip24815Text on Hackers by Denning, Good Read1990
detext.zip26932Changes a Text File of Debug Code to .Com1993
dod.zip3504DoD VR wishlist1992
dopehs.zip1746How to Pick Out a DOPE House. Then Call the Whistleblowers BBS!1989
drwho_bo.zip3648Complete Listing of Dr. Who Novels1991
drwho_ep.zip2977Dr. Who Episode Guide1985-03-17
drwho_fa.zip8915Dr. Who FAQ Sheet - From Usenet1991
drwho_gu.zip6357Dr. Who Story Guide1989-08-29
drwho_pi.zip1328Dr. Who Text Pictures.. Daleks, K-9, the Police Box...1991
feds.zip3428How to Watch the Feds Watching You!1985
flasher.zip48586Alpha Wave Eye Stimulator1993
frede125.cpt341504Freddie Offline Mail Reader for Macintosh +++
freenews.arj1480How to Get Free Newspapers. EASY!1992
g2-070b.zip47366PHALCON/SKISM's Latest Virus Generator1993-01-01
galactic.zip7661Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide1991
geteven.lha1220531000 Plus ways to get even with someone
insane.zip2873Insanenet! Information.1992
intro30.zip820410THG Intro Maker 3.01992
lha213.zip43068LHZ Archive Utility.1991-07-20
lodhv1.lha82416Legion of Doom Vol 11987-01-01
lodhv2.lha69529Legion of Doom Vol 21987-06-23
lodhv3.lha68259Legion of Doom Vol 31988-10-21
lodhv4.lha86499Legion of Doom Vol 41990-05-20
macindos.zip51686MAC <---> MSDOS Disk/File Conversion/Universal R/W'er1992
maczip1.0.sit.hqx97811MacZip 1.0, "Zip" Up Files on a Mac
napalm.zip70156FutureCulture FAQ from Usenet1993
nbust12b.zip175915Remove Nagging Shareware Screens with this utility.1994
nolite.zip2368Removes Pklite Header to Mk Files Un-Ext1993
pkz204g.exe202574Pkzip 2.04G +latest Version Self-Extraction1993
probchld.zip142750LSD - My Problem Child, by Albert Hofmann.1979
promodem.zip62976ProModem C Library for Modem Stuff1993-01-20
robotech.zip103183Protoculture and the Children of the Shadow1991
sca-bost.zip6509The Boston SCA Report (Eavesdropping on Subcarrier Transmissions)1993
shitlcom.zip17024Space Shuttle1982-03
simplex.zip9828Simplex 5-Button Combination Locks: By Hobbit.1991
sp-1999.zip6780Space:1999 Episode Guide1991
ssn.zip16054Social Security Number validator1992
star-bla.zip7407Star Blazers Episode Guide1991
sundevil.txt3252Short File on Operation Sundevil1993
tdraw430.zip215040The Draw: Ansi Drawing Program1991
tefix.zip4018Fix for Telix Opening Screen and Annoying Nags1993
ultansi.zip21744The Ultra-ANSI Screen Editor1990-04-22
unixprop.zip48252Hacking Unix: By the Prophet1986-12-05
unixtroj.zip5254Unix Trojan Horses1992
unzipper.cpt69248Unzipper for the Macintosh.
virusd.zip30505Coping with Computer Viruses and Related Problems1989-01-30
vpic60.zip233233VPIC 6.0 Graphics File Viewer1992
vtp.zip7968A Guide to Video Tape Protection1989-12-11
waycalli.zip3450Making a Three-Way Phone1989
winzip.zip154409Windows Archive Manager for PKZIP1993
woman.zip200289Writings About Women1992
xlisp.arc100096Interpreter for Language Used for AI

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