Ham Radio Communications: Voice

2mquad.zip3862build a 2-meter quad antenna1988
bandaid3.zip172850Utility To Manage Noise And Such On Different Bands.
bearings.zip29801Bearings, Map Stuff1988-11-11
code.zip148626Many Different Morse Code Utilities W/Source [corrupt]
dtmf.zip16001dtmf decoder for sound blaster1993
satscan.txt101422SatScan Satellite Services Chart (Extensive)1992-05-27
slowsc.zip237091Receive Slow Scan TV W/ Sound Blaster1993
sm316.arj97933Super Morse - Morse Practice And More1990
tapr91.txt65479tapr/amsat project information - 19911991
tubes1.arj10755Tube Cataloger1989
15WAT_TR.ZIP6483Plans for a 15 watt transmitter (Postscript)1994
ANTENNAX.ZIP59032Antenna analysis program1986-08-14
AUTOMARS.ZIP167471REFILER/APMARS Interface Software v4.11990
CHEBY1.ZIP48186Filter design program (Low and High)1991
GC103.ZIP19434A map program for HAMs1989-11
GRAYLINE.ZIP58880Grayline plotting program for HAMs1985
JPOLES.ZIP8206Text files about J-Pole antennas1994
LOGGR150.ZIP112951Logging program version 1.51988
LOWBAND.ZIP281600Antenna design program1990
LWAC.ZIP37263Long wire antenna design program1991
MINIMUF4.ZIP39742HAM propagation program1986-07-26
MINIPROP.ZIP107383HAM propagation utility1987
SATDISH.ZIP11302Satellite dish settings and program1988-03-15
SATPRINT.ZIP36111Point angle printout for statellites1988
SIXWATT.ZIP4004Plans for a 6 watt transmitter (Postscript)1994
STORM603.ZIP220925Storm Tracker v6.0.31990
STS26.ZIP57895Shuttle Tracker v2.61989
TLMDC3.ZIP99926Satellite Tracking/Telemetry v3 Part 11990-01-29
TLMPROG.ZIP43221Satellite Tracking/Telemetry v3 Part 21990
TMUF.ZIP54249HF propagation prediction program1990
WT10.ZIP19782Displays time around the world1991
WX60.ZIP58302Weather Predictor v6.01990

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