Telephony Files Index

10xxx.txt6614List Of Equal Access Carriers
800carri.txt44614800 Service Number Allocation And Company Directory1990-09-21
aio50.zip53730All In One 5.1 Dialer, Code Hacker, PBX Hacker1990
alliance.txt10717Alliance Teleconferencing Systems1985-04-13
all_box.txt202368All Color-Coded Boxes Wrapped Up In One File
apex10.zip21138Apex v1.00 Phreaking tool1991-08-10
areacode.txt31222Extensive Area Code List (Includes:200/700/800/900)
arpa.txt86379Arpanet Information Brochure1985-12
at_t.zip7322AT&T Calling Card Generator1994
att25.txt671Color Key For AT&T 25pair Cables
audix.txt3453An Introduction to Audix1999-09-15
austpac.txt19681AUSTPAC X.25 Information
bbeep07.zip323375Blue Beep version 7.01993
bdial53.zip87378Bluebox Dialer Multi-Tone Program For SoundBlaster1992
bluebox94.txt10290Blueboxing in '94 (C5 for the masses)1994
boxes.lzh93235Boxes Galore
boxes98.zip30712Colored Boxes: a 1998 Review1998
bs_gets.txt7736BellSouth Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS)2002-03-05
callerid.txt7688Caller ID Information
callid.zip56955BBS Utility For Auto Caller ID1991-05-07
cidspec.txt7168Caller ID Protocol Specifications1991-12-01
clss7.txt15440No. 1/1A ESS Custom Local Area Signaling Services1990-12-03
comhel16.zip65663Com Port Help.1987
comx.zip28488Network 2 PC's Via Serial Port.1988
country.txt10430World Numbering/International Dialing
cphreak.zip75756CyberPHREAK v1.0 for WindoZe1995
cpid-ani.txt9533CPID/ANI Developments
cus.arj2492CN/A infos
cuspad.txt4864Custom PAD Profiles for GS/X.25-IP Connection Service1991
darkbox.txt11648Nice Re-Design Of The Gold-Box W/Added Features1990
datu.txt9074Official DATU Documentation2001-11-23
datu_guide.txt9074DATU description and interface notes2000-09-28
dialtone.txt14905The End Of The Dial Tone Monopoly1990-08-12
digitap.txt5675Surveillance Possibilities on the ECS: Eavesdropping via the Definity ECS PBX2000-10-04
dms.zip29701How to use the DMS-100 Switching System interface1998
dms100.zip101054Reference for Nortel DMS-100 CO Switch. IBM CallPath Reference for Nortel DMS-100 CO Switch.1997-06
eaatad.txt37878Equal Access And The American Dream1985-07-07
etherfaq.txt34238Ethernet FAQ - Good info on ethernet lingo1993-01-05
fear2_3.zip289221Fear's Phreaker Tools v2.31995
fhack20.zip80078Fuckin' Hacker: Code Hacker/Dialer1987-06-10
fontag14.zip441253Phone Tag v1.3 - Tone dialer for Windows1994-01
fonword.arj14137Turn Phone Numbers Into Words And Back1987
gateway.arj13874JDECWRL Gateway's Explained1991-09-19
grim3.zip56861The Grim Scanner 3.01989
gunbelt.zip28319Gunbelt III. Code Hacker/Auto-Dialer/Terminal Program1987-08-25
hhack10.lha91392Amiga Multi-Featured Code Hacker Package1991
hsl120_r.zip288329High Speed Link File Transfer Protocol V1.20R1993
i-post_guide.txt5941A guide to the i-Post Universal Box system1999-11-10
iseries.txt9733Phreaking the NEC i-Series phone systems. By War.2005-09-23
iss7.txt19153International Signalling System Number 7 Point Codes2002-06-23
jbox_43.zip446969Jolly Box V4.3 W/Firmware Update. Multi-Tone Generator1993
lanskool.zip140160Novell Netware Monitoring & Debugging Tools1990
latanums.txt8854List of US Lata Numbers
latatabl.txt9303Table Of US / Canada Lata Numbers1991-05-08
massexcg.txt15231Massachusetts Exchange Listing
mecred.txt8627Cybernetik's Mercury Switch Mod For Rad' Shack Red Box1992-01
norstar_mics.txt49071MICS-XC Norstar-Companion System Coordinator Guide2000-12-15
octel.txt7212Octel VMB at a Glance
one_connect.txt3757An Introduction to One Connect: How to find and hack these well-featured VMB's1999-08-19
p44-13.txt16123Northern Telecom's FMT-150B/C/D: Optical Fiber Digital Transmission System1993-09
p44-19.txt30224Northern Telecom Meridian SL-11993
p50-09.html26614SS7 based diverter: A modern Gold Box1996
p51-15.txt9557CCS7, A Brief Introduction to: Common Channel Interoffice Signaling1997-09-01
packsat.txt10919Packet Satellite Technology Reference Sources1982-11
part68.txt11715FCC Part 68. Concerning Ringbacks.1993-02-21
patches.txt28180Phone Patches, Building and Using: From simple to elegant, patches help make the connection1985-10
pfpt111.arj23405Professor Falken's Phreakers Tool's1989-05-15
pgrbombr.zip37081Pager Bomber v 1.01A1980
phabook.txt64364The Phreaker's Handbook #11992-08-31
phmas10.zip20877PhreakMaster v1.01993
phonewrk.txt30226Understanding Telephones1985-09
phreak_m.txt498787Phreaker's Manual. Huge. If You Don't Have A Copy. Grab It.1987-02-14
pic_code_guide.txt35530Primary InterLATA Carrier (PIC) Code Guide2000-08-10
pm10-ecr.zip20877Phreakmaster Lite 1.0 Many Tones1993
prison_phones.txt16507A Detailed Look Into Prison Phone Systems2001-08-23
psnintro.txt44782Complete Guide To Sprintnet And Similar X.251990-04-22
qmodem41.zip330185Qmodem v4.1. The best terminal package for Dos.1992
randscan.zip18138Renegade Legion's RANDSCAN V3.691991
riptm153.exe596352Ripterm V15.3 for RipScript Graphics Support1993-06-03
sbwbox.zip10495White Box For The SoundBlaster1992
sb_rbox2.zip2496Red Box For The SoundBlaster With ASM1993-01-13
scan50.zip60397PBX Scanner/Hacker1989
scav!050.zip36217Scavenger Dialer V0.50 BlueBox program supporting 5 tones, CCITT #4 support, scripts, etc.1995-04-17
sccp_relay.txt28698The SS7 Signaling Connection Control Part Relay System2000-05-12
snap.zip49611SNAP Page, For Metromedia Alphanumeric Pagers. (W/Boston Access)1992
switch.html5481DMS Switching: Descriptions of the different DMS switches1998
telenet.txt9465Telenet PC-Pursuit Dial-Up Host1986-10-25
telepriv.txt16435Telephone Privacy In The 1990's1989-09-13
telstar.txt11863Telstar Telephone Control System1985
th040.zip65087Telix Hacker .40 Beta1990
tl-thug.zip217344Yet Another Exchange Scanner.. With Graphics Log Display1992
tlppv03.zip88773ToneLoc Utilities Phun-Pak v.03a.1994
toneloc110.zip321713ToneLoc v1.10: Wardialer, find LD carriers, PBX's, loops, or any other tone1994
tones.txt55246Tones Used In National Networks2002
thc-ts20.zip553336THC-Scan v2.0 for DOS/Win95/98/NT & all DOS emu on 80x86. ODBC, tone, carrier, vmb scanning, w/source.1998
tvfreq.zip31075Gives Technical Data For All TV Channels (Cable Or U/VHF)1988
ultra3.zip32071Ultra Hacker 3.0 : A Wardialer1986
unixsec.txt164624Improving The Security Of Your Unix System1990-04
waf165.zip545664Just bbs software for anyone who wants it.1992
wardaile.lha18744The BEST Damn War Dialer for Amiga.1993
wardialvoip.txt6441Wardialing through VoIP2004-08-30
xbbs.zip69375Unix XBBS Software W/Source. (l0pht uses this)1990
zhack321.zip61585Z-Hacker. Another Wardialer1991

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