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Barwatch Nightclub Security
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Imagine having a security system that screens out problematic patrons, and gives you the marketing flexibility to promote concerts and special events to your best patron . . .

Introducing BarWatch, the ultimate security and marketing system for todayís clubs.

BarWatch will give your patrons the peace of mind knowing that your club screens out problematic clients, while giving you the flexibility to market special features and club promotions directly to those who provide a steady business flow.



  • Easy to operate, BarWatch captures patronís information by scanning the barcode or magnetic strip on their driverís license or government issued identification card.
  • Once scanned, the club can track problematic patrons, ensuring that they are identified and properly screened before they return to your club.
  • A proven marketing tool, BarWatch also provides clubs with information to promote concerts and special events directly to their regular and V.I.P patrons.


  • Only authorized staff from your club will be able to access your patronís information.

  • BarWatch is password protected and uses encryption technology to safeguard privacy.


  • With BarWatch youíll receive a complete and customized data security and marketing package including: software, staff training, and installation.

  • Access to the exclusive BarWatch database, system maintenance, application upgrades and staff support will ensure that your club has continued reliable access to the security and marketing tools you need.

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