Canada... No Fetus Can Beat Us

"EDMONTON, ALBERTA --The following five paragraphs are excerpts from a story that appeared in Sunday's Globe and Daily:

Canada's health-care system is sliding toward Nazi-style eugenics by encouraging parents to abort disabled fetuses, a University of Victoria academic says.

In a speech to the University of Alberta, professor of social work Tanis Doe said the widespread practice of pre-screening pregnant women and their offspring for genetic diseases has turned into a system for purging society of the disabled. "Women are expected to -- pressured to -- abort pregnancies when fetal disability is diagnosed," said Ms. Doe, who is herself deaf and confined to a wheelchair.

"But minimal support is available to raise children with disabilities. Eugenics was practiced in the U.K., Canada and the United States before the rise of Hitler. So what has happened since then is a continuation of the sterilization practices that we have only recently acknowledged." Ms. Doe said there is widespread acceptance in the western world of the idea that disabled fetuses should not be brought to term. Entire article: "Professor says Canada sliding into eugenics"

As I read this I had a flash back to my drive home a few days earlier. On the road, driving in the middle of a lane, was a man in a motorized wheelchair. I assumed from the fact that he was not on the sidewalk, not wearing a helmet, and not on a residential street, that he must have also been retarded. This, I thought, was Darwinism at work, and it was good.

Eugenics is not something that should be feared. Evolution is not able to work in a society that takes care of the weak and frail. In the wild, animals have to struggle to earn the right to breed, and only the strong offspring are left to grow up and do the same. The systems we have in place protect the weak and the old; those that shouldn't be.

A woman who carries the child within her body should have the right to know what kind of child she is carrying. A child that has genetic defects becomes a burden on society and on the woman forced to raise the child. Society more often than not then has to help the mother who cannot raise a child so needy.

Screams of disgust, and finger pointing towards Hitler's agenda have branded Eugenics. The world doesn't need breeders in the first place. It needs children who will require constant care throughout their lives even less. The welfare system is filled with enough single moms with children who are simply lazy and stupid. I'm thrilled Canada is progressive enough to have safe abortion clinics for women who need them.

"Canada is one of the very few countries in the world that has NO criminal law restricting abortion at all. We first liberalized our law against abortion in 1969; then our Supreme Court threw it out completely in 1988. And we've been doing just fine without it. In the 11 years since we began our great experiment, we've found that doctors and women exercise the right to abortion responsibly, without the need for any legal restrictions. We don't need gestational limits. We don't need waiting periods. We don't need parental or spousal consent laws. And we don't need restrictions on certain types of abortions." quote

Ideally medicare would pay for tubal ligations. Women who choose not to breed should be encouraged, not held back. Allowing a woman to end a pregnancy for any reason is a good thing. Having a child is burdensome enough without adding a lifetime of care-giving to the mix. Yeah Canada!

— MsOgynis, July 27th, 2004,