Tiny Minority Attempts to Decide Canada's Future

 By Roy Whyte
 Wednesday April 14, 2004

(CDM / CC) -- A cabal known as the Canadian Council of Chief Executives is undertaking nefarious moves to put an end run on both democracy and the citizens of Canada. The premier lobby group in Canada, the CCCE, is advancing their personal agendas at the expense of all Canadians.

The CCCE has unleashed their 'Deep Integration' war plan. Putting a friendly face to the colonization of Canada by calling the plan - "New Frontiers: Building A 21st Century Canada-United States Partnership In North America", they are hoping to achieve the undoing of generations of Canadians. The plan should be called - "New Frontiers: Building the Colony of Canada".

The leader of these quislings is Tom d'Aquino, who is well known for his disdain of Canada and Canadians in general. This latest move the CCCE is no different. Let us remember this in NOT an American lead initiative, but purely a move by wealthy Canadian based CEOs who are showing just how out of touch with most Canadians they really are.

Just short of pre-emptive surrender, this plan is disturbing to say the least.

Why should Canadians care? It is outrageous for a small group of large unaccountable corporations to be deciding Canada's future. As well, despite common perceptions trade is a relatively small part of Canada's economy, and we should not be sacrificing our sovereignty AND democracy for a small group of large corporations. Last but certainly not least, is that the very nucleus of the 'Deep Integration' scheme goes against the values of the majority of Canadians.

Just what is being pushed by the CCCE and their comprehensive and far-reaching plan? The most troubling aspects of the plan include six major danger signs.

First is the Canadian participation in the National Missile Defence scheme. For those that have been paying close attention, you will already know that this NMD scheme certainly includes the weaponization of space, and tremendous amounts of money to be spent on technology that even parts of the American defence community admit are not ready for use. Some parts will not even be technically feasible any time soon.

It is pretty safe to say most Canadians would agree - it's not Canadian to put weapons in space.

Second danger sign is the expansion of NORAD, which as proposed will also include Canadian land and sea forces. Just how much say is tiny Canada going to have over the elephant to the south?

Should blowback from the pre-emptive strategy adopted by the Bush government be Canada's burden? No matter what you think about that question, the CCCE seems determined to make the decision for you.

The third concern comes from the creation of a biometric identification card that can be used in either country. Can you say George Orwell? It is already being dubbed the 'North American' pass, otherwise stating the complete obvious - a total loss of Canadian identity.

Shouldn't private Canadian information stay in Canada? This concern is only magnified with the United States Patriot Act, which unmistakably spells out that any information in such a program can and would be utilized by the United States military apparatus. That utilization is in no way accountable to the Canadian populace or even the Canadian government.

The fourth major cause of concern comes in the continued giveaway of our second most precious resource. The CCCE scheme outlines a plan to expedite the development of the Alberta oil stands, the Mackenzie Delta petroleum and gas deposits and the Arctic coast natural gas reserves to "reinforce Canada's role as a secure supplier of energy to North America."

Considering the already high costs of energy to Canadians for our own supply this would only hasten the cost increases over the long term. Instead of saving the supply for Canadian use, they want to appease the world's largest oil glutton. Included in this concern are the NAFTA clauses, which ensure the energy pigs a constant supply of our resource no matter how low supply gets, or high the prices become for Canadians down the road. Currently this clause sits at 60% and it has been increasing over the years.

Who needs natural gas more, Canadians living in our cold weather climate or the people of Atlanta to heat their pools? The time is coming when Canadians will have to decide whether they want to freeze or eat! In essence our energy conservation and security be damned.

Another concern for Canadians in regards to the CCCE plan is the harmonization of environmental standards between the two countries. This would prove to be disastrous to many regions of Canada.

Since George Bush was elected he has systematically dismantled environmental regulations of all types. Environmental groups and even scientists have been very outspoken about the damage that is happening as a result of his rolling back of environmental regulations. Such regulations MUST be decided upon in a democratic fashion in our own Parliaments whether it be provincial or federal, not by the U.S. Congress and their lobby groups.

Maybe the most astounding segment of the scheme includes guaranteed access to Canadian fresh water. How long will it be before giant American corporations who are unaccountable to Canadians start shipping our most precious resource by pipeline? Maybe another 60% clause like oil is in order?

Besides the CEO for Canada in Paul Martin, Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham has openly stated that he wants to go much further than integrating trade and tariffs, into integrating our social policies as well! Showing that he has little consideration for Canadian society, Bill Graham will have you waving the American flag in a clear cut while waving goodbye to your sons or daughters while they are being shipped off overseas to fight in another of Georges' wars.

For those that hold out hope for the Liberal Party of Canada to not go along with the CCCE sellout plan - don't hold your breath. Paul's track record speaks for itself.

The CCCE has a definite friend in Prime Minister Paul Martin, after all these are his brethren. It appears once again that Paul is set to deliver on everything the minority wants at the expense of the majority.

As finance minister Paul was asked to drop corporate taxes, and he did. He dropped them to 21% while the U.S. corporations still pay 35%. What was that about having to compete? Paul did not stop there of course; he also slashed social spending by 40%, at the behest of the same CCCE.

So why is that the CCCE is pushing this agenda to destroy Canada? To get even richer of course! Another new record for corporate profits last year doesn't seem to be enough; its greed and lust run rampant.

Statistics Canada shows that in 2001 just 4% of all Canadian businesses accounted for 82% of exports. Low and behold the vast majority of those 4% are members of the CCCE. Talk about self-serving.

The whole scheme boils down to a move to further enrich a small handful of Canadian corporations at the total expense of every Canadian, our very democracy and our sovereignty.