Man had sex with child-like doll

The Edmonton Sun, Friday, May 1, 1998
Gretchen Drummie, Sun Media

TORONTO- A cameraman for Toronto's city-TV was given a one-year conditional sentence yesterday over sex with an anatomically correct mail-order child mannequin only five minutes after he took delivery.

Oliver Weedon, 25, pleaded guilty to two charges of possessing child porn - a foam rubber doll in the image of a girl aged 10 to 12; and a series of computer-made pictures.

"The inference was he obviously had relations with the doll within 20 minutes... and broke the doll's leg when having sex," prosecutor Calvin Barry said, adding semen was found in the doll.

On April 16, 1997, Barry said, a Canada Customs investigator alerted the Toronto police pornography section to their interception of a child-like dummy.

The mannequin, with physical features of a young girl, had been imported to Canada from Japan and was to be delivered to Weedon in Toronto, said Barry.

He said Weedon paid $800 US for the dummy, which came with a wig, panties and pubic hair. He said police also seized material that included pornographic cartoons.

Police were told that customs had also intercepted a large quantity of imported child porn meant to be delivered to Weedon, including videotapes that depicted bondage, degradation, sex assault, bestiality and child porn, said Barry.

Police showed the material and the doll to forensic psychiatrist Dr. Peter Collins, who determined it to be the type which a pedophile would collect. A week later, a "controlled delivery" of the mannequin was made to Weedon's home.

Barry said Weedon signed for it and 20 minutes later police executed a Criminal Code search warrant and found the doll under a bed.