The Liberals have now released their Manual on "fire-arms regulations" which specifies their licence fees ranging from $10.00 to $1000.00. A gun collector or Museum that now has 200 items (and there are many of them) will now pay up to $5000.00 in registration fees. ($10.00 each for currently owned and $25.00 for new acquisitions). After Jan 1, 2000 the fee will rise to $60.00 each. This will be done so that some bureaucrat can contemplate which ones he will declare prohibited in the near future and you can bet your life there will be more prohibitions.

There are numerous female news paper columnists in Alberta and elsewhere that have indicated that they live in constant dread that their meek and mild husbands may get boozed up on a Saturday night and blow them away with their unregistered shotguns. These columnists would like us to believe that because some mentally unstable men flip out and use guns to commit mayhem, then it follows that all gun owners must be psychos, and therefore all guns must be destroyed. They are very successful with this hypothesis in making all gun owners look like villians, but it is a fraudulent hypothesis, if not an outright lie.

These ladies will be delighted to hear that cross-bows have also been included in the registration system. Thank God ! at last we have laws to protect us from bank robbers, muggings, domestic violence and suicides done with cross-bows. What a relief !. And guess who will be the head man with this grand "Firearms Control Centre", that's right _ a PLOUFFE ! Michel Plouffe, a charter member of the society that is so distinct that they have prohibited English and do not even want to be a part of Canada, will now direct the use and ownership of fire-arms in the Western Colonies of Canada. He will do this under the supervision of Allan Rock, who under the provision of Bill C-68 will have the power of Dictator. He can by order of council prohibit the ownership of anything (not just guns), without the approval of Parliament or the Courts. He has already declared prohibited 555,000 legally owned, registered handguns, and many other guns, that have absolutely nothing to do with crime in Canada.

These devious, treacherous people in Ottawa think they should be elected again to perpetuate their last 50 years of political stupidity. Maybe if Chretien promises (again) to remove the G.S.T., the eastern voters with their short memories, will re-elect him. If the voters of Canada re-elect this bunch again, they will be getting what they deserve and it wont be good.

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