In this century we have several times seen our young men and women sent overseas to fight to preserve freedom and democracy. They have been ordered, not asked, to go to war with guns and kill the evil enemy.

If they refused on moral or political grounds, they were treated as criminals. Now our government, in their wisdom, has decreed that the same people are not fit to own fire-arms, for their own peaceful use, and cannot be trusted with them.

By enforcing Bill C-17 and Bill C-68, it is their intention to register and then confiscate every gun in Canada without compensation.

It is small wonder that some of our politicians (when questioned about their policies) answer out of the side of their faces, with eyes focused on the floor.

The recent outbreak of sword fighting in a Sikh Temple in BC clearly indicates that we must have registration of all swords in Canada. This will "as any fool can plainly see" eliminate death or injury by sword fighting. The little ones with blades shorter than four inches must be prohibited. We already have crossbows registered under Bill C-68, so we have nothing more to fear from these dreadful weapons.

Is there anyone out there who actually believes that someone who has decided to commit armed robbery, or murder, or suicide is going to give a rat's --- about how some Quebec lawyer thinks he should store or register his gun? Gun registration has only one purpose - that is to locate and then confiscate and destroy all guns. After that has been done, guess who will still have guns - that's right, the criminals will!

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