There will be only two groups of people that will benefit from Bill C-68 gun laws. They are criminals and lawyers.

When law abiding citizens are denied the right to own firearms and the right to defend themselves against criminals, then the government has guaranteed the protection of criminals in their assaults against society. The "Charter of Rights and Freedoms" has already given them protection to do whatever criminal acts that they want to indulge in. Criminals who are so unfortunate as to get arrested will be supplied with free lawyers, paid with our tax money. Anyone who has enough money to hire high priced lawyers will probably never go to jail for anything.

The routine process of prosecuting and/or defending gun owners who have now all been classified as criminals under Bill C-17 and Bill C-68, will keep hundreds of lawyers employed for the next twenty years.

This will all be directly bestowed upon us by that great "Liberal Socialist" Pierre Trudeau and his "Just Society".

There are two basic types of people in this world. Type A. Honest, law-abiding people who have respect for others rights, and rarely resort to any kind of violence. Some own rifles and shotguns for hunting or target shooting. Some even own legal registered handguns. These people are very rarely a problem to the police.

Type B. These people do not respect the law, have no regard for others rights, they quite often resort to violence against others and in their own home. They have little or no conscience, and place little value on human life. They know that if they kill one person, or many, that there will be free lawyers available to them, and that they will rarely serve more than half of their jail sentence.

Now if you pass a whole new batch of laws controlling the storage and use of guns and ammunition, or prohibit the ownership of some guns, or register every gun in North America - which group do you think would be affected by these laws, or liable to comply with them?

I would like all you Liberal deep-thinkers to ponder this problem and see if you can come up with the right answer. The winner of this quiz will receive a years supply of little red flags from Sheila Copps.

If your don't know the answer, don't phone Allen Rock, because he doesn't know either.

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