The Canadian Senate has again demonstrated that they are the servants of the masters that appointed them to the political trough.

Bill C-68 in itself is a piece of criminal stupidity directed against the seven million law abiding gun owners of Canada. It has nothing to do with crime control. Control of criminals is something that the Liberal socialists do not believe in. Allen Rock's witch hunt against fire-arms is identical to Senator Joe McCarthy's witch hunt against communists in USA in the 1950's, and the motivation just as sleazy. Bill C-68 was instigated to elevate the image of some very small politicians who live in a province that does not even want to be part of Canada. Every facet of this bill is based on misinformation or deliberate lies.

Their expert advice comes from "women's libbers", liberal do-gooders left over from the "hippie generation" of the 1960's, and opinion polls taken from people that have no idea what the existing gun laws are or what is in Bill C-68. Their opinions are worthless.

The liberals have ignored the expert advice from professional researchers on the results of gun control, world-wide, and advice from working police officers across Canada. They prefer to listen to the advice of such hilarious experts as Wendy Cukier of the "Coalition for gun control".

It is the Liberal philosophy that because some people use guns in crime, then all gun owners must be considered criminals and treated as such. Allan Rock has publicly stated that he has no intention of confiscation of peoples guns. At the same time he has drafted into Bill C-68, the prohibition of ownership of 555,000 legally owned and registered hand guns and 13,000 rifles. It is the worst travesty of justice and desecration of democratic principles since confederation.

The so-called Justice Department of Canada has decreed that people have absolutely no right to defend themselves against attack by criminals and we will be charged under the criminal code for even pointing an unloaded fire-arm at a criminal in our own defence. While Bill C-68 is criminalizing every legitimate gun owner in Canada, it is also guaranteeing the safety of criminals.

The implementation of Bill C-68 will be a nightmare in expense and violation of the rights of law abiding citizens, and will accomplish absolutely nothing in reducing crime. The Liberals are not interested in control of criminals, and do everything they can to get dangerous felons back-out on the street as fast as possible.

Criminals have never complied with the existing strict Canadian gun laws, so what reason is there to think that they will start now? Gun owners have never claimed "the right to bear arms". We do claim the right to private ownership of property, guns or otherwise, as long as it is used in a safe and sane manner. We will not settle for anything less.

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