Allan Rock's Bill C-68 gun laws are the Canadian version of McCarthyism - nothing more and nothing less.

Guns don't kill people, cars don't kill people, knives don't kill people, but in the hands of demented or criminal or irresponsible people these things kill. Fernand Auger didn't need a gun, registered or otherwise to take the life of a 23 year old girl. He used a knife to take her life and a car to end his own. Cars are registered, so are hand guns. Should knives, axes and base-ball bats be registered also? Will that render these things harmless?

There will always be these people among us who will still find ways to commit acts of violence. There is a terrible failure in our justice system that continually keeps dangerous criminals free to commit more crime. If the Justice Department spent their time controlling dangerous criminals and murderers instead of pursuing gun control, girls like Melanie and Dilleen and Mindy and Punky might still be alive.

No government that professes to be a part of democracy can ever consider passing laws that empower it to seize and destroy the property of its citizens. Whether it is guns or cars or knives or base-ball bats, it still violates the basic principles of democracy. If anyone commits a crime or uses any weapon or other contrivance to harm others, or in an irresponsible manner, only then should he be prosecuted and his property seized. Allen Rock has decreed 555,000 registered hand guns and 13,000 other guns to be prohibited. he has never presented a shred of evidence that these guns have been or ever will be a danger or threat to anyone. Governments should absolutely never have the power to seize any property because it has the capability of being used in a dangerous manner.

Kim Campbell's Bill C-17 laws provide that if a person has his guns stolen, then the thieves will be used to testify against the owner, that the guns were not stored property, and therefore the owner is responsible and may be fined and sent to jail for two years. The thieves rarely receive such a severe sentence. This law applies to fire-arms only, and would be unthinkable in any other type of theft, although the majority of crime in Canada does not involve fire-arms. The atrocious laws left to us by Kim Campbell should be repealed before they are used to inflict any more persecution of law abiding gun owners, than they already have.

We don't have gun control problem in Canada. We have a political philosophy that continually gives more rights to criminals, and at the same time decrees that because some people use guns in crime, then all gun owners must be considered criminals and treated as such.

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