Regarding "gun question an election ploy". Brian Evans is not only not trying to become premier, he is not even seeking re-election.

All of the provinces from Ontario West are contesting the validity of Bill C-68. Among other things the gun-laws violate several provisions of the Canadian Constitution. Bill C-68 along with bill C-17 are simply the Liberal socialists dream of a "gun-free Canada" and should be contested and opposed by all means possible. Ottawa has been able to convince a lot of people that gun control is crime control, which it absolutely is not. For example, if you prohibit the ownership of 550,000 legally owned and registered hand guns (which bill C-68 does) and ultimately destroy them without compensation to the owners, what possible effect will this have on crime? Statistics Canada figures indicate that there are about 20 million privately owned fire-arms in Canada. The total cost of processing registration is about $100 per gun. Therefore the government obviously is quite happy to spend 2 billion of our tax dollars on this registration fiasco because Allan Rock says that he "honestly believes" that it might some way or other reduce crime.

Karl Marx once wrote that the first thing to do in establishing a totalitarian regime is to prohibit the private ownership of fire-arms, under any pretext. Adolph Hitler followed up on this masterpiece of deceit with a vengeance, and Allan Rock and Jean Chretien and their assortment of do-gooder cronies like Wendy Cukier, have sold this package of deception to the spineless, if not mindless collection of Liberal and B.Q. members of Parliament.

Any action taken by any provincial governments to terminate Jean Chretiens grand aspirations to dictatorship should be supported whole-heartedly.

It would be far better to take the 2 billion dollars that would be wasted on gun control, and give it to Sheila Copps to buy cute little red flags to give away across Canada, which will "as any fool can plainly see" help hold Canada together.

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