Robert Benzie, I am writing in response to your intelligent comments regarding gun ownership. First: You are the only idiot who would relate guns to sex or inadequacies thereof! Second: If you and Mr. Allan Rock think that registering everyone's weapons is going to deter or stop crimes committed with guns, you had better get some fresh air! Third: Even if it were possible to register and take ballistic samples of every gun out there (that is what it would take to prove anything), where, when and how would our police force have the manpower and time to look for the criminal who committed the offence? They seem to have their hands full, trying to capture and lock up the criminal who uses a car in an offence, and that is a pretty hard weapon to hide in your coat, Mr. Benzie!

Please inform Robert Benzie (Dec. 10) that the only persons who own "blatantly phallic killing machines" are the fellas who have AIDS - not gun owners. And we cannot reasonably blame them for wanting to retain possession of same.

Register your what? I am trying to be a good citizen and assist our government. As we all know, the federal government is soon going to make gun owners register guns with the police. This will magically stop gun crimes and certainly will not lead to confiscation.

Following the governments' logic has lead me to devise a complementary foolproof plan. I belive anyone who owns a penis should have to register it with the police. By registering all penises in Canada, we could wipe out sex crimes. (To doubt me is to doubt the Honorable Mr. Rock). I believe my plan will make Canada a safer, better place to live.

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