It is not hard to understand why Jean Chretien is such a popular prime minister. Just look at his record! He has elevated Gays and Lesbians to a "special people" status, and at the same time designated the legitimate gun owners of Canada as criminals, and intends to confiscate and destroy, without compensation, millions of dollars worth of private property. He has decreed that if you beat up a normal person you may spend a year in jail, but if you beat up a gay you will more likely get 4 years. He says if you use a gun in a crime you will get an extra mandatory sentence of 4 years, but if you hack or bludgeon someone to death with a knife or baseball bat, there will be no extra jail time for using those "nicer weapons".

He promised to do something with the national debt. He does. He sits and watches it approach the trillion dollar mark with total indifference. He can't recall what it was that he was to do with the GST. He gives away billions of dollars of our tax money (just as Trudeau taught him) to third world countries, with no security. He allows his ministers to indulge in conduct that should get them thrown out of parliament, and then defends them. He passes laws (with great speed) without regard for what tax payers think, that guarantee's MP's their bloated, unethical, undeserved pensions. He tells his MP's that they absolutely cannot act on behalf of the people that elected them, but must vote on government bills exactly as he dictates. He has been part of the old Trudeau philosophy for 20 years that has driven our country to the brink of bankruptcy, and doesn't even know we have a problem. Apparently the mentality of the rank and file of Canadians is no better than that of Chretien, or they wouldn't be happy with 20 years of political stupidity.

Some wise man one said to a friend - "the problem with Canadians, politically, is that they are stupid and indifferent". His friend replied, "I don't know and I don't care". However, since Canadians did rise up from their slumber and terminated Mulroney's turn at the "trough" with astounding enthusiasm, I still cling to the hope that come next election we will terminate Chretien's reign at the "trough", before he can completely destroy what's left of democracy and financial security in Canada.

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