Mr. John Stanlake recently wrote in the Sun that if we don't like living under the same "gun control laws" that Hitler used in the1930's, then the solution is simple…"you don't have to keep a gun!" This is exactly the "polite, spineless Canadian" attitude that Ottawa bureaucrats have come to rely on… Just fall over and we'll walk all over you. Statistics Canada says there are 38 accidental gun deaths per year (average)… the lowest accident rate listed.

There are thousands of deaths per year caused by knives, baseball bats, snowmobiles, poison, step-ladders, cars, boats, etc.

I have yet to see any laws prohibiting the ownership of any of the above items. Only guns. Allan Rock has been given the powers of dictator to prohibit possession of "anything", not just guns and that is exactly what he is doing.

He must have said something very intelligent because I didn't understand a word he said! He says no true hunter would use the guns that gun control restricts. Bill C-68 restricts ALL firearms and prohibits possession of 555,000 legally owned registered handguns that are never used for hunting. Fully automatic firearms have been prohibited for years. He says a true hunter would use traps or a bow and arrow. Has anyone ever heard of trapping a moose or elk or Canada goose?

Trapping of animals is something that the "animal rights activists" have been trying to prohibit for many years because of the inherent prolonged suffering. Proper hunting rifles kill instantly, while arrows (with no shock power) rarely do, and inflict slow death. The incidence of people being hit by stray bullets from hunters is very close to zero. He refers to guns an unnecessary and dangerous. No more so than knives, baseball bats, snow mobiles and motorcycles, etc. that kill many times more than guns. He says we have had ample time to get rid of our guns before the government confiscates them. In a democracy the government never had the right to confiscate private property of any kind, and if they did, would have an obligation to pay for what they seize. Anyone who feels that their rights and freedoms have been infringed "may seek remedy by a competent court".

Oh yes, and presided over by a Liberal judge appointed by his masters, the Liberal party, and paid for out of your own pocket. Not much to look forward to!

Calgarians have again demonstrated that Canadians can be bullied by Federal bureaucrats into doing things that are totally stupid, and lack the courage or common sense to stand up and say no.

They have gone, like sheep, to their local police with over 900 fire-arms to be destroyed without compensation. I agree that if you have guns or any other items that you no longer need or want, then why not dispose of them. But these guns average about $200 each in value, so that they are contributing to the destruction of over $180,000 worth of property. This event, like the registration of guns, will have absolutely no effect on crime or public safety, or anything else.

Since these items were not wanted by their owners, they should have been consigned to an auction company, that could have sold them to people who do, and the money used for any number of charities. For example, the money would go a long way in rebuilding the "women's shelter", recently destroyed by fire, or to construct a shelter for Calgary's homeless people who are always in desperate need of shelter.

But no, lets just go our usual "polite, spineless Canadian" way and indulge in whatever stupidity that the federal government shoves in our faces.

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