The promoters of Ottawa's fraudulent "gun control" proudly point out that "man on the street" polls indicate that about 70% of women and 50% of men said that they were in favour of the proposed gun control.

However, there are a few pieces of the puzzle that are missing. The people that were polled should have first been asked A. Do you know what the existing gun control laws are, and B. Do you know what new laws are contained in Bill C-17 and in Bill C-68. The result of these questions would be a blank stare and silence! The opinion of these people polled is worthless because 98% of them know absolutely nothing about the subject.

The Liberals use polls in the same way that a drunk uses a light pole - more for support than for illumination. They were presented with the results of gun control, world-wide, over the last century, by professional researchers, that clearly indicated the futility of their proposed laws. This information was totally ignored.

So the sole purpose of guns is to kill and maim people! Ask Susan Natrass (Canadian ladies trap-shoot champion), or our Olympic shooting teams, or the many target shooting clubs, how many people they have killed or maimed. And knives and baseball bats were not designed primarily to kill or maim…. Right? Ask the families of the hundreds of people that have been hacked or bludgeoned to death with these "nicer weapon" if it matters what their primary purpose was. In Canada 64% of all homicides have been done with weapons that are not guns. Shall we then register and/or prohibit possession of these other weapons that caused 2/3 of the deaths/ Allen Rock says that registration of all things magically renders them harmless and presto - no more assaults and murders. We wouldn't want to doubt the word of our illustrious justice minister now, would we? The "gun control lobby" people all have several things in common - they have never read bill C-17 or Bill C-68 and have no idea how terrible and futile these gun laws are, and they are convinced that the 7 million gun owners in Canada do not have the same legal and property rights that they take for granted.

Maybe they should immigrate to Iraq or Cuba where they can enjoy the benefits of a nice "gun-Free" dictatorship.

The recent senseless murders of two women at Kyle, Sask., adds further proof to something that is obvious to everyone but Liberals. Gun Control doesn't work. Does anyone believe that these two killers took their training course and wrote their tests to obtain F.A.C.'s and then purchased their guns from a licensed dealer, and then registered them, and then bought a safe to keep them in and installed trigger locks? And did they obtain a "permit to convey" to take them to Sask., to commit murder? We have had very strict gun control laws since the1930's when the Liberal and conservative governments in those years, began to fear the people that had elected them, because of their dismal failure at running the country. That's about where we are at now. Basic fact - criminals don't obey gun laws, old ones or new ones.

The only gun control law that really works is a sturdy six foot piece of rope. If these reprehensible mis-fits, that kill for entertainment, were guaranteed by law the same fate that they inflict on their victims, they might very well reconsider the benefits of murder. As it is now, we can look forward to spending another million dollars on lawyers' fees, safe-guarding their "rights" and after 15 years, having them paroled to have a nice life. The innocent women that they killed for fun will still be dead!

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